Training at Halfar – Trainees in Interview: Logistics

Good junior staff is essential for a company in order to ensure future success. That is why we are training young people in many different vocations here at Halfar: such as in the field of logistics. Linus is one of the new trainees in this area. He reports his experiences and impressions in the fifth part of “Trainees in Interview“.


Why did you decide on vocational training rather than studying after school?

In 2015 I first began studies in landscape architecture. As I quickly realised that I enjoyed practical work more, I looked for training in the field of logistics.

How did you find out about training at Halfar?

I became aware of Halfar at the employment agency.

How long is your training expected to take?

My training in specialist warehouse logistics will take three years. This means I will finish in 2021.

What were your first impressions of Halfar?

What I noticed immediately was the particularly friendly and familiar atmosphere between all employees. Everyone gets along really well, in the logistics team and also with all other colleagues. Readiness to help and the determination to integrate a new colleague into the team was really something special. I went to work with a good feeling right from day one.

Which skills have you been able to learn and apply so far? 

As I have now been at Halfar for seven months, and I have been able to learn several skills and can also take on responsibilities, including tasks such as commissioning of goods, loading and unloading of transport vehicles or preparing finishing materials. I try to support my colleagues as much as possible.

What expectations do you have for your time at Halfar?

I hope that I can learn further skills. It would also be good to be taken on here after the training.

What have you liked best so far?

I like commissioning goods for dispatch best. I very much enjoyed that in an earlier stint of work experience. But I have to say that I have enjoyed all tasks so far. This shows me that I have made the right choice.

What have you liked the least so far?

There are surely certain tasks in any department that are less enjoyable. For me that is the packing of bags for example.

 What makes Halfar a good training company?

Definitively the company atmosphere and the varied responsibilities you can take on already during training.

Thank you for the interview, Linus! We wish you continued success in your training.