Training at Halfar - Merchant in e-commerce

Training at Halfar – Interview with trainees: Merchant in e-commerce

Halfar now also offers training as a merchant (m/f/d) in e-commerce. The first trainee in this field reports on her experiences and impressions in the sixth part of the series “Training at Halfar – Trainees interviewed”.

Training at Halfar - Merchant in e-commerce

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship instead of studying after school?

I wanted to apply the knowledge I had gained from my vocational baccalaureate in the field of business and administration and incorporate it into my first practical tasks and thus really start my working life.

How did you become aware of an apprenticeship at Halfar?

I became aware of Halfar through a job offer on the employment agency’s job exchange.

How long is your training expected to last?

My training as an e-commerce clerk is designed for 3 years, but there is also the possibility to shorten it, which I will use. This means that I will complete my training this summer.

What were your first impressions of Halfar?

My first impression was very good. We are on first name terms here and everyone is friendly and very helpful.

What activities have you been able to learn and apply so far?

Since I have already been at Halfar for 1.5 years, I have already been in many different departments and have been able to learn a lot. This includes writing offers, creating orders, placing orders, checking invoices, picking goods, creating customers in the online shop and much more.

What are your ideas for your time with Halfar?

My idea is to learn other activities so that I can then contribute well to my team and support my colleagues.

What have you liked best so far?

I like the fact that I am assigned to many departments. That way you always see something new and get to know the company and all the employees better.

What have you liked least so far?

You always spend a certain amount of time in each department. Sometimes there are tasks that you are less comfortable with.

What makes Halfar a good training company?

Halfar is a good training company because as an apprentice you are given varied and responsible tasks right from the start. You get to know many departments in a familiar atmosphere. I am already looking forward to learning more about e-commerce.

Why did you decide to become an e-commerce merchant?

The great thing about the profession of e-commerce clerk is that it is not a purely commercial training, but that it also falls into the technical-creative area. At school, for example, we learn programming language and we can incorporate our creative side into the design of the website. That’s what makes the profession so versatile and exciting.

Thank you very much for this interview, Laura! We wish you every success for your final exams!