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Happy World Bee Day 2021!

Today is World Bee Day and thus a good occasion to once again focus on the importance of insects for biodiversity. Besides the popular honey bees, it is above all the many species of wild bees and less popular insects that are important for the stability of our ecosystem and biodiversity.

And because it takes many and much to preserve this diversity for the future, our 2021 compensation project continues where we already started with our 2020 compensation project – on our company premises!

There, we are creating more compensation areas, nesting sites and breeding opportunities for birds and insects, and expanding our e-charging capacities for the continuous expansion of e-mobility. Now that’s a day to celebrate.

If you would like to find out more about compensation, biodiversity and other topics, please take a look at our other Halfar blog posts or visit our website.

LIFE Notebook-Rucksack (1816520) - HALFAR®

Our novelties 2021 – Bring joy, bear responsibility

At HALFAR®, joy and responsibility seldom went together as well as they did in 2021. With the new collection, we have again taken a big step towards sustainability. For this purpose, we have developed new bags and services that you will enjoy.

On the one hand, all new products are again 100% PVC-free in 2021. On the other hand, you will find many new products with renewable and recycled materials this year again. We have also developed a very special series that combines many of the HALFAR® possibilities into something never seen before. Are you already curious?

Then read on immediately and learn more about our new additions. Or let yourself be inspired by the “making-of video” of our photo shooting. As in previous years, our employees* did not miss the opportunity to showcase the latest HALFAR® additions.

A very special thanks goes this year to the Bielefeld furniture store BoConcept, which kindly made its premises available to us for the photo shoot. Many thanks for this! It was a great day with you!

And now have fun watching – watch the film!

Made in Europe – now directly from stock

With this series, all the signs are set on SUSTAINABLE! Designed in Bielefeld, sewn in the EU, produced with recycled PET, available directly from stock, transported over short distances with CO2-compensated shipping. You want to know more? We present: the EUROPE series.

These six bags in the series combine straightforward Scandinavian design with a high-quality feel, well thought-out functionality and convincing inner values. The upper material of the EUROPE series is made from recycled plastic bottles (rPET). The straight-line cut harmonises with the fine melange tones. Refined details such as access-safe compartments or a special magnetic closure on the roll-top backpack demonstrate attention to detail and offer potential for new favourite items.

Furthermore, the series is manufactured in Europe and is available directly from our CO2-free warehouse in Bielefeld. Short distances and CO2-compensated transport round off the canon of values. Sustainable, resource-saving and simply beautiful!

Sustainable materials in trend

We also use sustainable materials for other bag innovations. Whether renewable cotton or fabrics with recycled PET, our designers have done a great job and created convincing innovations.

So when you see the shopper SUNNY with its round handles made of soft cotton, the sun rises. The gaudy colours, in combination with the natural shade, shine like a beacon. The heavy cotton together with the PVC-free coating ensures a stable hold. And thanks to its straight cut, it offers plenty of space for striking advertising messages.

The COUNTRY notebook backpack complements the popular series made of robust cotton with velour imitation leather accents. The backpack not only makes you want to go to the country, but also provides well-padded shoulders for notebooks up to 15.6 inches in the city.

Also new are the versatile LIFE and LIKE series, which are also made of renewable cotton.

In the LIFE series we combine raw with coated cotton in two colours or tone-in-tone. And we also combine protection and aesthetics. The result is harmonious duos, noble and naturally beautiful. Elaborate details such as press studs, magnetic dots or D-rings complete the high-quality look and functionality of the bags.

The LIKE series is the uncomplicated, light and affordable cotton series. Cheerful and classic colours, selected metal accessories and wide natural-coloured cotton belts, which provide contrasts in the colourful versions, radiate lightness. These bags offer everything your customers need for leisure, trade fairs or events.

New specialists in the programme

In addition to the versatile series, we also have two new specialists in stock this year.

The notebook backpack SPACE brings everything for digital nomads. For example, a USB port with cable, a trolley holder, the 2nd handle on the side, lots of storage space for notebook, tablet, cables etc. … And on top of that, thanks to HALFAR FAST LANE® the SPACE is turbocharged and individually refined. If you need a larger advertising space, you can use classic finishing methods such as screen printing.

The TREND cool backpack shows how function and design form a promising alliance. From the outside it looks like a normal backpack, but inside it has much more to offer. It is a practical way to transport frozen pizzas and drinks bottles. The lid mesh compartment has room for cool batteries which, thanks to the physical property of cold to “fall down”, ensure that the transported goods stay cool for a long time. In the zipped compartments, cutlery, napkins or shopping trolley chips are always with you. So next summer can come.

STAGE, the allrounder series

The STAGE series can do almost everything: It is ideal for business or leisure, available as a unique piece or in large quantities and can be refined in many ways. This is because the four new bags are all equipped for the HALFAR FAST LANE® process, which was awarded the Promotional Gift Award. Further information about the STAGE series can be found here.

Would you like to learn more about the individual bag novelties? Then have a look at our HALFAR® Shop.

Further nominations for Halfar at the PSI Sustainability Awards 2021

We are pleased about further nominations for the PSI Sustainability Awards 2021. In addition to the already announced nomination for the “Innovator of the year” award, we are now additionally nominated in the categories “Economic Excellence“, “Environmental Excellence“, “Social Excellence” and “Environmental Initiative“.

We are particularly pleased because the increasing number of participating companies shows that sustainable ideas, solutions and working methods have become a more fundamental factor in the promotional products industry.

Sustainability is taken seriously. Sustainability is lived and creates practical solutions and changes. To be nominated in such an environment is both an honour and an incentive for us at Halfar.

We are looking forward to the final presentation of the awards!

Halfar nominated for PSI Sustainability Awards 2021

HALFAR® is nominated “Innovator of the year”

We are nominated! In the category “Innovator of the year” at the PSI Sustainability Awards 2021.
Together with Cybergroup International we have launched an innovative, sustainable project. Be curious about the result!
Sustainability Heroes Award 2020 GB

HALFAR® wins Sustainability Heroes Award

In the middle of the hot production phase of the catalogues, we have good news: We have won the Sustainability Heroes Award 2020 of the DQS for the category Diversity. What a motivation! The timing could hardly be better. After all, we are currently in November Corona-Lockdown light. To be awarded for cooperation and cohesion is an important message in times of social distancing, which we take with us into our daily lives. But what exactly is behind this new award, which we are receiving for the first time?

Sustainability Heroes 2020

Excellent diversity at HALFAR®

Sustainability Heroes Award 2020We at HALFAR® are a colourful group and we cultivate teamwork and diversity, with tolerance, appreciation and with much joy in learning together and from each other. Many age groups, nationalities, qualifications and personalities work together under one roof – we pay special attention to integration and inclusion.

Lived inclusion with the prosigno® printery under one roof  

For example, we have been working together with Werkhaus Bielefeld, a life assistance organization, for over 18 years. For more than seven years, we have even been working hand in hand as colleagues under one roof – with the integration company, the printery prosigno®. This professional company excellently complements our services and prints advertising bags and also special bags for and with us directly in-house. In high quality and efficiency – more than two million to date. The distances are short and uncomplicated and it is exactly this matter of course that makes this including cooperation with the common use of recreation and social rooms.

One prize – for more than inclusion

As the name suggests, the Sustainability Heroes Award is a sustainability prize that is awarded in various categories. For us, diversity is only one of many facets of sustainability – we at HALFAR® are also involved in other areas. We are committed to processes that protect the climate, the environment and resources. Thus we operate our site in Bielefeld completely CO2-neutral. Our new logistics center also makes emission-free logistics possible through modern PV technology and compensation. With our products, we offer our customers more individual bags and entire series every year, which follow more sustainable paths. For example, bags made from renewable cotton, certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® or Fairtrade, in organic quality according to GOTS or pre-recycled, i.e. made from waste cuttings. And bags with rPET, i.e. recycled PET plastic bottles. Made in Europe is also a big issue in order to keep distances short and quality and flexibility high. You can read more about sustainability at HALFAR® here in our blog and on our sustainability pages.

The award for “Heroes” in terms of sustainability

A total of eight companies were honoured with the Sustainability Heroes Award on November 4, 2020 for their pioneering role in the field of sustainability. Besides HALFAR®, also Reckhaus GmbH & Co. KG, with whom HALFAR® has already implemented projects in the past, such as the greening of a HALFAR® company roof. “It makes me happy and proud that two companies of the region are awarded at once. This shows the strength of the East-Westphalian medium-sized businesses and the importance of cooperations within the scope of sustainable future solutions”, says Armin Halfar, managing director of Halfar System GmbH. The prize is awarded by DQS CFS GmbH – the German Society for Sustainability. Among other things, it is also responsible for the certification of quality and product safety management systems. A jury of eight independent sustainability experts selected the winners from the nationwide and industry-wide applications. This was done at the previous Sustainability Heroes conference. The goal: to make special commitment public, to honour it and to encourage imitators.

HALFAR® green roof

Thanks to the HALFAR® heroes!

For 2020, a total of 191 applications have been received in eight categories: We are very proud to be among the eight selected winners. The Sustainability Heroes Award belongs above all to the employees with and without disabilities at HALFAR® and prosigno®, who bring the concepts of “diversity” and “inclusion” to life every day through their collaboration. Thank you!

Kompensationsprojekt 2020

Our compensation project 2020

Last year we already reported on the measures and projects through which we want to come closer to our goal of climate-neutral work. In the course of our daily work, CO2 emissions are generated at various points in the value chain. Through various measures, we have already been able to substantially avoid or at least reduce these emissions. However, unavoidable emissions do occur at some points in our core work process, for example during transport. We document and evaluate these emissions every year and then offset them in a compensation project.

This year, we have again selected the new compensation project according to our criteria. A suitable project should be sustainable to us and deliver substantial added value for the environment, and, if possible, on more than one level. In addition, we should have the chance to verify the project’s implementation, our investment should flow directly into the project and, if possible, have no or only a very small proportion of administrative costs. Furthermore, it should not pursue any original commercial interests.

In accordance with these criteria, we have decided to combine two measures this year. In their interplay, on the one hand, they meet our efforts to further reduce CO2 emissions and, on the other hand, they create sustainable (insect) habitats. In addition, they represent added value in the course of the visibility of our company’s sustainable development.

Visible development

With each new green roof, we have gained new insights and knowledge about how to create the most diverse and sustainable green roofs. We were able to observe how life has come to the areas, how the plants have grown and how many insects, spiders and other inhabitants have appeared.

We have also learned how people identify and inspire each other. This happens above all where growth becomes visible and tangible. The viewers of implemented projects understand that it is not always the big things that matter, but that change takes place with every step. Our green spaces are a physical example of growth, cooperative development and coexistence. They thus make a relevant contribution to involving different target groups in the sustainable process of our company. Starting with our employees, through our customers, to various interest groups and associations. This happens regionally at our company headquarters. However, through the possibilities of digital communication and our reporting system, we also go far beyond that.

These insights have led us to focus directly on one area at our company headquarters. With the 2020 compensation project, we are bringing the measures down from the roofs into the visibility of the entrance area. The experience we have gained so far is now being brought together at this location, turning what was previously a conventionally planted area into a biotope. We are also combining this location with an e-charging facility. An opportunity for everyone to join in and actively contribute to CO2 savings.

The biotope – further habitat for insects, a compensation area for biodiversity

Insects are essential to our ecosystem. They make an important contribution to the continued existence of species diversity. For example, through their pollination services, they help to ensure that a large proportion of plants are preserved and bear fruit. They are also an important part of the food chain of many other animals. Economists have calculated that nature provides an annual service of over 150 billion euros in this way. This makes it all the more important to preserve these natural resources and the regenerative power of nature.

The compensation area, which was redesigned as part of our 2020 compensation project, is located next to the entrance area of our building. It offers many opportunities for insects to find food, take in water, build a nest and spend the winter there.

For this purpose, we heaped up nutrient-poor soil, integrated dead wood and cairns and planted a variety of wild plants and herbs. We chose these in such a way that the insects find plants and grasses in bloom almost all year round and thus find food at any time of the year. These so-called poor soils are the basis for the fact that this form of biodiversity is possible. In order to preserve these soils and to ensure the basis for all growth cycles, we maintain the areas by targeted cutting and the removal of the cutting residues. In this way we prevent the development of fatty (over-fertilized) soils. With these strategic and targeted measures, the ecosystem continues to develop in a very independent and diverse manner.

We have also carefully put together the deadwood heaps. They consist of different types of wood, which are weathered to different degrees. This ideal habitat for insects and spiders is also a good food source for wild birds.

The insects also use the waterhole as a breeding tank for larvae and for building nests.. However, the waterhole serves above all insects and birds as vital drinking trough during the persistent dry periods in the summer months.

The stones and cairns serve as protection against the cold, as a nesting place, but also as a source of heat, for example for butterflies, as they store solar energy.

For those who would like to do something against the dying of insects themselves, the Insect Aid homepage offers some tips on how to make your own garden more insect-friendly. By the way, such a biotope is also a real alternative to the classic ornamental garden.

The charging station(s) – Expansion of our electronic infrastructure

As part of the 2020 compensation project, we have installed 6 additional e-charging points, so that we now have 10 charging stations at our sites. At the same time, we are converting our company fleet to more e-mobility in order to save even more CO2. One of the new charging stations with 2 charging points is installed directly at the newly designed entrance area. Here external visitors for example have the possibility to charge their electric car at our company headquarters.

The charging points are operated with alternating voltage and charge the connected vehicles with a power of 22 kW. This means that all electric cars currently available on the market can be recharged by us. The e-charging points are operated with electricity from 100 % renewable energies and can thus be used by our customers, visitors and company-owned vehicles for CO2-neutral recharging.

In summary, the 2020 compensation project thus achieves the following added value:

  • It contributes to the avoidance of CO2 through the extended possibilities for the expansion of e-mobility.
  • It sustainably compensates 489 t CO2.
  • It creates habitat for many insect species and other animals.
  • The project enables identification and participation with regard to sustainable procedures and environmental protection.
  • Finally, it also contributes to increasing knowledge about natural habitats, the coexistence of living beings and general sustainable relationships.

You can find more about the topics here:

Städte entdecken - mit HALFAR® Taschen

Discover the city – Unforgettable travel experiences with HALFAR® bags

Our bags make you mobile. Whether in the mountains, at lakes or in the cities – there is a lot to discover. And even if we are currently still limited in our travelling, the desire to see something other than our own four walls is there.

You could already read about which backpacks are particularly suitable for a trip into the countryside in our article “Outdoor is in!“. These practical companions offer a lot of space for equipment and are equipped with the necessary features for outdoor adventures. Another travel option is a city trip. Here too, you will find many more bags and backpacks for active people in the HALFAR® range.

Therefore we present our bag favourites for a successful city trip in this article! Because city trips are very popular this year – whether you want to explore the city for a few days or just for a weekend.

Bags for city tours - HALFAR®

Urban, functional and sustainable. With HALFAR® all this is not mutually exclusive. Because whether recycled or renewable – we use materials that conserve resources and are both stable and attractive. The new series CIRCLE, LOOM and COUNTRY show how beautiful sustainability is in the city! You can read more about the materials of the series here.

CIRCLE – From bottle to bag

CIRCLE series - HALFAR®The CIRCLE bags not only look strong, but also make a positive contribution to the environment. A granulate is produced from PET bottles that have already been used, which is then reprocessed into new fibres. This is then used to make the CIRCLE bags.

The urban backpack is absolutely light due to the rPET (recycled PET) and makes the trip a pleasure. The interior is spacious and offers organizer elements and an additional padded inner compartment. The side pockets are suitable for drinking bottles. The bag is double-closed by the plug closure. If you prefer to carry your bag around, the shoulder bag is the perfect choice. This bag also has a spacious zipped main compartment and a front pocket in which you can safely store your mobile phone and keys. The shopper is a lasting companion and eye-catcher during extensive shopping tours.

The sustainable series can also be enhanced with a logo or customer motif. A practical gift for employees or customers!

By the way: Our mouth and nose masks provide the necessary security during the discovery tour.

LOOM – the bright JOY

LOOM series - HALFAR®The LOOM series is made of polycotton. Thanks to the polyester content, polycotton is easy to care for and keeps its shape. The cotton gives a natural look. And each bag model has its own advantages.

For example, the travel bag with its spacious main compartment offers enough space for clothing and travel accessories. The backpack is ideal for a long day out on the town, because drinks, snacks and travel guides fit into the large zipped main compartment. Those who like to change the carrying option of their bag will find the multi bag a suitable companion. It can be carried either like a shoulder bag across the shoulder or like a backpack on the back. This ensures variety. The shopper and the practical shoulder bag with the ingenious closure complete the lightweight series.

A discreet refinement in the form of a stick, for example, gives all LOOM models an additional noble character. Thus the four companions are also suitable as mobile advertising spaces on the road.

City, Land – COUNTRY

COUNTRY series - HALFAR®Even in the big city you feel connected to these bags of nature. This is mainly due to the soft cotton material of the COUNTRY bags and the muted colours.

The cross bag is small, but that is why it is so practical. In the bag there is room for money, keys, mobile phone and the ticket for the museum visit. One is not tempted to carry things around all day long only to discover in the evening that it would have been more relaxed without the heavy bag. But those who want to pack a little more can change to the backpack or the shoulder bag. Here, there is then also space for the drinking bottle, for the snack and everything else that can be important on the way. And with the light, comfortable travel bag, even the journey to the next city by bus and train becomes a relaxed trip.

The contrasting straps and metal accessories together with an eye-catching finish draw attention.

Small and efficient only as much bag as needed

This is also sustainable, because it saves material, weight and thus resources. That is why we give many series small offspring or develop minimalist designs. For example with our monostraps, cross bags and one-shoulder bags. Some examples are:

Foldable and lightweight – the SKY bags

With the SKY series, sustainability in everyday life becomes easy, because the flexible bags are a practical add-on for every journey. The three multi-talents offer not only summery colours but also a wide range of functions. For example, the multi bag has a large main compartment with a zipper and can be carried both as a backpack and in the hand as a shopper. And the best thing about it: thanks to the folding function, the entire bag can be stowed away in the front pocket in no time at all. So it can be unfolded again when needed, just like on the next shopping trip. This saves on additional bags and protects the environment. The sport/travel bag as well as the backpack and shopper complete this comfortable series. A personal logo gives the bags an individual character.

You can find more bags and backpacks for city tours on our special page “Bags for city trips” in our shop.


Lean meadows for nature – the new logistics centre blossoms

Now the time has come! Just under a year after the completion of our logistics centre in Altenhagen, the first results of the planting around the new building are becoming apparent. Just as on the green roofs at the company headquarters, the aim of this project was to create valuable habitats for rare plants and insects on available open spaces.

The creation of lean meadows, the planting of native shrubs and perennials and the landscaped dead wood and stone piles provide an ideal habitat for a wide variety of insects, wild bees and birds.

Flower variety serves as insect magnet

The now beautifully blooming rough pastures are already colonized by insects of all kinds and draw a picture of living diversity. Because insects like it varied, wild and colourful. They are a good example of living diversity and its great importance. Perhaps this is why, in addition to their importance for the environment, they are such a major concern for us.

The bright blue cornflowers hold a lot of nectar and pollen and attract bees and bumblebees from June to September. And the red corn poppy is not only beautiful to look at, but also a welcome source of nourishment for many insects. The same goes for the straight-lined, radiant daisies that bloom on our meagre meadow. Marguerites are regarded as bees and butterflies magnets and perfectly complement the green ecosystem.

To our delight, the dead wood and stone heaps are also already populated by various insects. They offer protection and retreat possibilities also in the colder months. We hope that more insects will settle here in the course of the summer!

Holistic approach – lived sustainability

In addition to bees and insects, we at Halfar, as you surely know, deal with many other topics that are generally associated with the term sustainability. Whether CO2-free shipping of our products, the use of renewable raw materials in our productions, upcycling, bags made of recycled materials, social standards in bag production… the variety of topics is also great here.  We would be happy to advise you on how your HALFAR® bag project can have a particularly sustainable effect.

Why sustainability is not just a fashionable trend for us at HALFAR® and what we are actually doing in the fields of action HUMAN, NATURE and PRODUCT, you can also read in our Sustainability Report 2019.

nachhaltige Bio-Putzmittel bei HALFAR®

Sustainable cleaning products at HALFAR®

Within the scope of our sustainability strategy, we have converted all our cleaning products to sustainable organic cleaning products. In our sustainability report and the SDG’s you can read more about which measures we have implemented to protect our environment and which will follow.

nachhaltige Bio-Putzmittel bei HALFAR®

Der neue CHOICE Messestand

The PSI 2020 – Innovation, sustainability and solutions ahead

The PSI 2020 is over and was a complete success. However, this year there were not just new products of the CHOICE sisters to be marvelled at, but the exhibition display also stood out with its new makeover.

Premiere at the PSI: the CHOICE Experience

At the PSI 2020, the sisters of the enterprise group CHOICE (SND, mbw®, Daiber, FARE® and HALFAR®) presented themselves on a new exhibition stand. Under the motto CHOICE Experience, it not only visualised the mutual understanding of brands, but also made it into an experience for the 16,367 visitors, who had travelled from 81 nations to this leading trade fair.

Der neue CHOICE PSI 2020 Messestand

Connection meets independence

The new stand’s design is clear and straightforward. The colour white dominates outside. And so, the generously sized stand – around 650 square metres – gives five independent companies the opportunity to appear under one coherent framework. The signal: the CHOICE family operates under one roof -– and that not only symbolically, but also in wholly practical terms.

Each partner has their own space, shaping it individually with products and messages. However, links to the others are provided everywhere. Passages and views open up the stand. Each company’s area has a wide entry, inviting and welcoming the visitor to the trade exhibition. Themed islands and presenters are structured in one coherent, product-specific and stylistic language. They create display formats with light and graphics, which communicate the product variety and brand values to the customer.

Experiencing inner values – the CHOICE Lounge

As the customer enters the stand via the individual business worlds, he comes upon the inner core of the CHOICE group. Here, all positions of the otherwise diverse advertising media experts meet as one big community of values. The lounge in the middle of the stand is, therefore, purposely designed in a different way to the outside product areas. It is kept in warm colours and creates an ambience of well-being for breaks and discussions. Sustainability, quality, innovation, service, and partnership – these are some of the CHOICE values, which became apparent this year; also in the statements of the respective entrepreneurial key players and in product and image photographs.

Sustainable, useful, new for 2020 at HALFAR®

Sustainability is not a megatrend for us here at HALFAR®, but a subject that emerges from our fundamental position. Today, we work at the company headquarters Bielefeld in a CO2-neutral way and, in new engagements and initiatives, we demonstrate again and again that we are serious about future and customer-orientation. This is shown in practice as far as the bag innovations 2020 are concerned. With materials such as recycled PET (rPET) and pioneering concepts, we offer solutions for a consistently growing number of customers, who also hold this subject close to their hearts. The new bags of the HALFAR® stock range can be summarised into three categories as follows:


Re-growing and renewable materials

With the new COUNTRY and LOOM series, here at HALFAR®, we place emphasis on the re-growing raw material cotton and/or a cotton mix and show how versatile and fresh this material is when used. With a plus in sustainability thanks to organic cotton, our new re-usable bag – ORGANIC – scores; ideal for buying fruit and vegetables without using plastics. And, with the new PLANET series – made of “pre-recycled cotton” – we go one step further, as this cotton is derived from the cut-off remnants of bag production. For the CIRCLE range as well as for the drawstring bag CARE made of rPET, we also use a material that prevents waste and utilises existing resources: recycled PET bottles.


Durable, multifunctional and quick – thanks to new finishing processes

What lasts longer is used for longer. Also combining useful functions, it becomes a faithful and a sustainable companion in everyday life. The eight bags from the big new business range – FRAME – impress with their finish and high usage value. Apart from their durability, they are also fast, thanks to the award-winning finishing process – turbo finish HALFAR FAST LANE®. Equally new and particularly functional: the roller bag – HASHTAG as well as the notebook backpacks – EXPERT, TOP, LOFT and COMMUNITY.


Small and efficient bags

Minimalism and concentrating on what is essential contribute to the conservation of resources and therefore add to greater sustainability. With the TREND series, our HALFAR® range offers simple, reduced bags, which emphasise popular colours such as off-white, mint-green or antique pink. With the mono-strap backpacks – IMPULSE and HASHTAG – as well as the BodyBag – COMMUNITY – made of PV imitation leather, three small, smart bags for all pocket essentials are entering the market. As an addition, the uncomplicated FLOW series offers a CrossBag and a Thermo bag. Also, the two new bags from the tried and tested felt series – MODERNCLASSIC – certainly are a sign of the times: the felt cover for laptops and the organiser for the office relocation make New Work comfortable.


In all, we are pleased to present to you 40 new bags in six brand new series, as separate bags or as addition to existing bag families. By the way, all are PVC-free and available quickly from stock and around the clock in our online shop. Order your samples for review straight away and convince yourself.

You want to know more? Our colleagues in the sales teams are here to help you and will be happy to advise you. We look forward to continuing together with you on the path towards greater sustainability in 2020.