Outdoor-Rucksäcke von HALFAR®®

Outdoor is in!

Holidays in Europe and especially in Germany are very popular with many people due to the situation this year. The German National Tourist Board (GNTB) and its partners have also recognised this and are promoting the 2020 theme with a major campaign.

In addition to traditional destinations such as the North and Baltic Sea, more and more people are being drawn to the mountains. The fresh air, beautiful scenery and no mass tourism are probably the most convincing arguments. The ecological and thus sustainable aspects of such trips also convince many. But these are by far not the only reasons for a holiday in the mountains. In addition to the aspects already mentioned, many people are attracted to the mountainous regions to go hiking and do sports. What should not be missing is the right equipment. This includes suitable clothing as well as a suitable backpack. In this article we present you our outdoor favourites.

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Outdoor-Rucksäcke von HALFAR®®


“Halfar goes Hollywood” – or how our backpack got movie credit

Our first candidate is the backpack TRAIL. He has already made it onto the big film stage. Because the TRAIL not only pleases from the outside, it can also convince with its inner values. Its many compartments and nets offer enough space for a water bottle, flat sleeping bag and much more. A small opening on the side even allows the hose of the MOVE drinking system to be pushed through, which can be added as an option. Alternatively, the opening can be used for the cable of headphones. And should it rain, a rain cover for your favourite backpack is included. Of course, this HALFAR® backpack also offers space for possible decorations like embroidery or a screen print.


You are thrilled and want to see how much TRAIL fits into your backpack? Our video will amaze you:

A backpack for those who like to go further

If it should become a somewhat longer trip, then this specialist is used. With a capacity of 35 litres, the trekking backpack MOUNTAIN is one of our largest. Nevertheless, we have taken care to make the rucksack as light as possible so that it does not impose any strain when hiking. We could present all the features to you now, but that would definitely go beyond the scope of this rucksack. Just to name a few, the backpack has a padded and ergonomically shaped back, length and height adjustable straps, outlets for headphones or hydration systems and of course lots of compartments.

And for those who want to customize the backpack with your logo, the front of the backpack offers enough space for a screen print or embroidery.

Light and full of favourite compartments – the ideal companion for day trips

With a volume of 22 litres, it is slightly smaller than its two conspecifics, but no less full of useful features. The STEP L backpack offers a large and spacious main compartment that can easily accommodate the required equipment. In order to increase the carrying comfort, we have also paid attention to a padded back section and padded carrying straps in this backpack. If you want to charge your Smartphone while hiking, the backpack easily holds a power bank, which can be connected to the Smartphone through an opening in the backpack. The STEP L backpack is also characterised by its compactness, making it the perfect companion for day trips.

For all those who don’t hike alone, the STEP L backpack and its smaller counterpart the STEP M backpack offer togetherness and a perfect fit for every fellow hiker. The well thought-out size and colour concept makes it possible.

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HALFAR®– backpacks for winners

But not only we are convinced. The enthusiasm for travelling with HALFAR® outdoor backpacks goes beyond the borders of Germany. Already last year Samuel & Lorenzo from @Alpinbags sent us some pictures of some members of their community on the road with our backpacks.

This year Alpinbags even wants to make a contest out of it and has asked us to sponsor the contest with our backpacks as prizes. With so much enthusiasm for our backpacks we are of course happy to support this! Accordingly the backpacks mentioned in this article will be awarded as prizes for the best pictures. We are already very excited about the pictures of the participants. Of course we will keep you up to date!

Everyone out! Outdoors is in.

All about the newly discovered wanderlust and love of the outdoors

“Kids, the weather is so great, go outside!” Those, like me, who grew up listening to this sentence, often have a double-edged relationship with a blue sky. Naturally, as a child I would sometimes also have rather spent more time indoors or in front of the television than was good for me. When I had to go outdoors, however, I really could take pleasure in being outside.

No one is left out with the outdoors

The word outdoors had not been invented when I used to meet with friends outside; rolling down North German dikes, stomping in rubber boots in fish ponds, collecting conkers, and it did not exist when I went camping, cycling and made fires as teenager. And yet always noticed again and again: Outdoors is more than just the fresh air my mother wanted me to experience. Outdoors is, in the best sense of the word, is the feeling of being “untroubled”, being free.

Outdoors in the city

Hotspots for urban fresh air fanatics:

  • Beer garden
  • Swimming lake
  • Park
  • Allotment garden

The essential outdoors

Today outdoors is a megatrend and a lifestyle. Here are just a few examples for what people like to do outside today:

  • Eating outdoors is in. Ever larger barbeques and completely furnished garden kitchens prove this impressively.
  • Drinking outdoors is in. Beer gardens blossom even in the north of the republic and quite often innkeepers extend the season into the winter with blankets and heaters.
  • Working outdoors is in. Urban gardening is the trend, such as growing vegetables – even in the city. On balconies, in front gardens or in rediscovered allotment gardens people are raking, sowing and harvesting to their heart’s content. And office workers too stick their laptops under their arm and work in the park.
  • Holidaying outdoors is in. Increasingly luxurious camping sites are shooting up with more and more gigantic motor homes arriving by the minute. They turn ordinary camping into glamorous “glamping”.
  • And naturally, being active outdoors is in. In the past, strolling, cycling and hiking tours weren’t something, which you could boast about to your friends. But today, you can.

Tip: Hiking in the west

3 exciting routes in NRW:

Above all: Hiking! Since Hape Kerkeling’s book “I’m off then” at the latest, a real stampede has headed towards pilgrim and hiking routes. Today, even hipsters from the city lace up their hiking boots at the weekend and setting off. Sauerland, Harz and Teutoburger Forest are no longer synonymous with a bourgeois way of life but are hot new destinations for weekend trips.

Not without my backpack

The best HALFAR® outdoor companions:

  • Trekking backpack MOUNTAIN
  • Backpack ADVENTURE
  • Backpack TRAIL
  • Backpack TOUR
HALFAR Outdoor backpacks

Our four outdoor backpacks are ready to go!

This is how you truly experience nature and with all your senses: Seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting, hearing… and fitness, which focuses on the forest ground instead of the treadmill.

And perhaps this is the best thing about outdoor pleasures such as hiking: It really does not need much. OK, a little protection from wind and weather wouldn’t go amiss depending on the region. A pair of good boots is obviously a must when hiking. And a sensible backpack can lighten up a day outdoors in the truest sense of the word. Otherwise minimalism is recommended. You won’t find any WIFI on hiking routes either. Thank goodness! Give it a try!