Halfar unterstützt die Bielefelder Tafel

Halfar supports the food bank (“Tafel”) in Bielefeld

As a result of the current Covid 19 pandemic and the protective measures associated with it, the staff of the “Tafel” (food bank) are working to full capacity in many regions of Germany. In contrast to the usual practice, the food must be packed in bags prior to distribution. This is the only way the goods can be distributed to the people.

In order to support this often voluntary commitment and at least facilitate the procurement of this additionally required packaging, Halfar has donated 1,000 hard-wearing cotton bags to the two board members of the Bielefelder Tafel, Ms Stephanie Möllers and Mr Winfried Möllers.

“We hope to make the recipients a little happier, but above all we would like to thank all helpers of the Tafel for their commitment”, said managing director Armin Halfar, describing the motivation for the bag donation.

Halfar supports the food bank in Bielefeld

Armin Halfar together with the managing directors of the food bank (“Tafel”) in Bielefeld, Mrs. Stephanie Möllers and Mr. Winfried Möllers