HALFAR Annual Review 2020

HALFAR® Annual Review 2020

Dear customers, dear employees, dear partners,

Continuing the best tradition of previous years, we would like to take a look back at this year and dare to look ahead to 2021. Right at the beginning of this review, we would like to thank our employees, our clients and all partner companies for your trust, your commitment and your reliability in this turbulent year. The fact that this review allows us to look positively into the future, despite this turbulent year, is not least thanks to all of you!

2020 was a year full of unknowns, dynamic developments and new approaches. It was a year that challenged us and, like a magnifying glass, it brought strengths and weaknesses to light and accelerated new processes. At the end of this year, we are prouder than ever to say:

At Halfar, we are staying true to ourselves. Quality, design, sustainability and the appreciative and open way of dealing with each other – these values have not changed due to the coronavirus!

With this in mind, we hope you enjoy reading this year’s annual review.

Kathrin Stühmeyer-Halfar & Armin Halfar

HALFAR Annual Review 2020

2020 review

The diversity and variety we act out at Halfar has proven to be the basis for highly dynamic adaptability. In concrete terms, it is something that applies to 2020 and beyond: it was all about sustainability & will continue to be.

Stock assortment

We started 2020 with 32 PVC-free, largely recycled, but certainly highly functional and attractive innovations. Another new feature is that all bags have been transported in a completely CO2-neutral way since 2020. To this end, we compensate for the remaining import emissions as well as the emissions that occur during transport to the customer.

Compensation project and sustainable employee engagement

As part of the compensation project 2020, we have planted another area and designed it in an insect-friendly way. With this project, we have also taken another step towards expanding e-mobility in the company. At 10 charging points, employees and visitors now have even more options for charging their vehicles with sustainable energy from green electricity and our solar power system. And two more hybrid vehicles were added to the Halfar fleet in 2020.

In addition, we have continued with our environmental concept at the new external warehouse. In areas that were previously farmland and fallow land, the building changes the original structure. We see this as an opportunity to go beyond the provisions of the development plan and create a compensatory area that ensures that people & nature can live in harmony. Therefore, in 2020 we created another 1,500m² of habitat for plants, birds, insects around the building. This area now also contributes to the preservation of biodiversity.

And we can also report on one or two innovations in the many small things that contribute to an increasingly sustainable use of our earth’s limited resources. For example, our cleaning products have now been switched to organic detergents, and in addition to the main catalogue print, which was already CO2-neutralised in 2018, all theme catalogues are now also neutralised. And we were also able to extend the enclosure sponsorship for the Soay sheep in Olderdissen Animal Park for a further year thanks to the commitment of our employees.

With regard to committed employees… 24 of our colleagues took part in this year’s City Cycling (Stadtradeln) event. Together they covered a distance of 5,648 km and saved 830 kg of CO2.

Audits and awards

In 2020, our work was rewarded once again. We are delighted to be honoured once again with the “Promotional Gift Award” this year for the FRAME series with the in-house developed HALFAR FAST LANE® decoration technology. Furthermore, we received the “Office and Environment Award” from B.A.U.M. and won the “Sustainability Heroes Awards” from DQS in the diversity category.

Furthermore, in 2020 we can look back on successfully completed GOTS and ISO audits as well as a silver sustainability rating by EcoVadis, one of the leading and globally active providers of sustainability ratings with more than 65,000 affiliated companies.

Breaking NEW GROUND – using digitalisation

The coronavirus means that we have embarked on new journeys in many areas. From temporarily switching European manufacturing to face masks, mobile working between office and home office and increased use of online conferencing tools, to making HALFAR® product films to support our distributors. We have found ways of dealing with the new circumstances. Active information and regular communication across all levels in the company as well as the use of modern technology have also proven their worth for us in these times: from laptops to the HEPA filters which we equipped our offices with in time for winter.

For formats where personal contact is essential and will be again in the future, we have found alternative forms of communication to keep the bond between the participants intact.

Technical bag developments took place with customers, supported by digital meetings. We remember our very first CHOICE CEO Talk, which replaced our annual press brunch and led to a lively and exciting exchange with representatives of the press. Also well-received: the concept of “Welcome Home. Digital.” For the first time with a digital exhibition with all partners, live talks to meet & ask questions and a dedicated chat function. Of course, we are very much looking forward to the next real exhibitions but it was certainly a success under the circumstances.

More 2020 highlights

Thanks to our products, infrastructure and employees, we were also able to support additional projects beyond our regular business operations in 2020.

We are happy to remember:

We are proud of this network of energetic, innovative and forward-looking partners that we are happy to support, and we will enter 2021 full of confidence and hope.

Kathrin Stühmeyer-Halfar & Armin Halfar

LIFE Notebook-Rucksack (1816520) - HALFAR®

Our novelties 2021 – Bring joy, bear responsibility

At HALFAR®, joy and responsibility seldom went together as well as they did in 2021. With the new collection, we have again taken a big step towards sustainability. For this purpose, we have developed new bags and services that you will enjoy.

On the one hand, all new products are again 100% PVC-free in 2021. On the other hand, you will find many new products with renewable and recycled materials this year again. We have also developed a very special series that combines many of the HALFAR® possibilities into something never seen before. Are you already curious?

Then read on immediately and learn more about our new additions. Or let yourself be inspired by the “making-of video” of our photo shooting. As in previous years, our employees* did not miss the opportunity to showcase the latest HALFAR® additions.

A very special thanks goes this year to the Bielefeld furniture store BoConcept, which kindly made its premises available to us for the photo shoot. Many thanks for this! It was a great day with you!

And now have fun watching – watch the film!

Made in Europe – now directly from stock

With this series, all the signs are set on SUSTAINABLE! Designed in Bielefeld, sewn in the EU, produced with recycled PET, available directly from stock, transported over short distances with CO2-compensated shipping. You want to know more? We present: the EUROPE series.

These six bags in the series combine straightforward Scandinavian design with a high-quality feel, well thought-out functionality and convincing inner values. The upper material of the EUROPE series is made from recycled plastic bottles (rPET). The straight-line cut harmonises with the fine melange tones. Refined details such as access-safe compartments or a special magnetic closure on the roll-top backpack demonstrate attention to detail and offer potential for new favourite items.

Furthermore, the series is manufactured in Europe and is available directly from our CO2-free warehouse in Bielefeld. Short distances and CO2-compensated transport round off the canon of values. Sustainable, resource-saving and simply beautiful!

Sustainable materials in trend

We also use sustainable materials for other bag innovations. Whether renewable cotton or fabrics with recycled PET, our designers have done a great job and created convincing innovations.

So when you see the shopper SUNNY with its round handles made of soft cotton, the sun rises. The gaudy colours, in combination with the natural shade, shine like a beacon. The heavy cotton together with the PVC-free coating ensures a stable hold. And thanks to its straight cut, it offers plenty of space for striking advertising messages.

The COUNTRY notebook backpack complements the popular series made of robust cotton with velour imitation leather accents. The backpack not only makes you want to go to the country, but also provides well-padded shoulders for notebooks up to 15.6 inches in the city.

Also new are the versatile LIFE and LIKE series, which are also made of renewable cotton.

In the LIFE series we combine raw with coated cotton in two colours or tone-in-tone. And we also combine protection and aesthetics. The result is harmonious duos, noble and naturally beautiful. Elaborate details such as press studs, magnetic dots or D-rings complete the high-quality look and functionality of the bags.

The LIKE series is the uncomplicated, light and affordable cotton series. Cheerful and classic colours, selected metal accessories and wide natural-coloured cotton belts, which provide contrasts in the colourful versions, radiate lightness. These bags offer everything your customers need for leisure, trade fairs or events.

New specialists in the programme

In addition to the versatile series, we also have two new specialists in stock this year.

The notebook backpack SPACE brings everything for digital nomads. For example, a USB port with cable, a trolley holder, the 2nd handle on the side, lots of storage space for notebook, tablet, cables etc. … And on top of that, thanks to HALFAR FAST LANE® the SPACE is turbocharged and individually refined. If you need a larger advertising space, you can use classic finishing methods such as screen printing.

The TREND cool backpack shows how function and design form a promising alliance. From the outside it looks like a normal backpack, but inside it has much more to offer. It is a practical way to transport frozen pizzas and drinks bottles. The lid mesh compartment has room for cool batteries which, thanks to the physical property of cold to “fall down”, ensure that the transported goods stay cool for a long time. In the zipped compartments, cutlery, napkins or shopping trolley chips are always with you. So next summer can come.

STAGE, the allrounder series

The STAGE series can do almost everything: It is ideal for business or leisure, available as a unique piece or in large quantities and can be refined in many ways. This is because the four new bags are all equipped for the HALFAR FAST LANE® process, which was awarded the Promotional Gift Award. Further information about the STAGE series can be found here.

Would you like to learn more about the individual bag novelties? Then have a look at our HALFAR® Shop.


Assemble Survival Packs with HALFAR® Bags

HALFAR® mouth and nose mask

In our blog post for the special campaign “Support for everyday heroes” we have already presented a bag model that is suitable as packaging for hygiene sets. Because when we are on the road more often these days, it is practical to always have the necessary aids, such as masks, gloves and disinfectants with you.

Making these items available already as a set can make a positive contribution. In some places, protective glasses or a “goodie” may also be a motivating part of such a set – the advertising trade certainly has the right set for every target group.

When soon more people are on the road again, on public transport, in shops or during necessary visits, we need aids to protect each other from infection, such as masks, gloves and disinfectants. Making these items available as a set can make a positive contribution. In some places, protective glasses or a “goodie” may also be a motivating part of such a set – the advertising trade certainly has a good solution proposal for every target group.

In the following we have therefore put together some additional model ideas from the HALFAR® range that are suitable for employee, starter or customer sets. Because HALFAR® bags stand for functional mobility and offer solutions for all purposes, so that the right equipment can always be included. We would be happy to advise you personally on our models, protective masks or the ideal advertising application.

As a support we have compiled PDFs for you to use for communication with your customers.


If you need more arguments, or would like to know which products are particularly suitable for which application, read on here.

Hands free and mobile in use – practical for nursing staff

By car from patient to patient. Good, if nothing can be forgotten and you can still keep your hands free. Because protective masks, disposable gloves and disinfectants protect the old and sick who need daily care and support. Belt pouches or monostraps can be a good solution for such purposes. They offer the necessary storage space, can be worn all day and are always with you without restricting the necessary freedom of movement.

HALFAR® offers a variety of belt bags: from waterproof to fashionable, from affordable to professional. In our range you will find the right model for every application, every budget and every brand message. In addition, good news, the name of the carer or the carer’s name can be placed prominently on the model with an individual print or embroidery.

If it may be a little larger because mobile devices are needed to record data, the so-called monostrap backpacks are a good choice. This pocket shape also guarantees freedom of movement and the comfort of having everything at hand.

Safely on the move: sets for travellers and people who want to be safe on the move

Shopping with a mouth and nose mask

But not only people in care are on the move, either professionally or privately. Even in public transport, on the train or elsewhere, such as in the supermarket, the distance rules cannot necessarily be observed. All the better if the necessary protective equipment is always at hand.

In addition to the belt pouches and monostraps already mentioned above, (small) zipper pouches, which keep everything handy together, can be an ideal solution for this target group. Depending on the intended use, different models are available. For example the SOLUTION, which takes on the necessary utensils for a longer journey, as well as the zipper bag COLLECT, which ensures that everything is ready to hand in the backpack or shoulder bag. But also the stylish RETRO, the well-organised TRAVEL with two zipped compartments and the SWITCH, which looks like a small suitcase, offer the best organisational talent at an attractive price.

Small and practical bags from HALFAR® - ideal for the use of survival packs

Small bags that are suitable for different purposes.

Starter sets for teachers: How besides chalk also hygiene products can be on site

Speaking of talent: The first returnees are also expected in the schools. It is therefore all the more important that the necessary hygiene utensils are also included here.

Whether with the case ORGANIC, which can stand on the table during the lesson, and then closed with the drawstring and held at the handle to go to the next class. Or with the zipper bag ORGANIC, which is available in 3 different sizes. The HALFAR® assortment offers some possibilities. In addition to these cotton models produced according to GOTS, the drawstring bag PLANET, made of cotton production cuttings, and the PVC-free case ELEGANCE, by their very nature, encourage us not to lose sight of the important issue of sustainability in these times. The students will be grateful.

Welcome back to Office: Welcome the employees back to the office

Support for employees who come back from homeoffice

Last but not least, we should not forget the many employees who will be returning to work in the coming months from their home offices or from short-time working. Welcoming them warmly and providing opportunities for the protection of employees is a sign of appreciation and can make an important contribution to their health both within the company and beyond. After all, the materials provided can also be used during leisure time. For example during a bicycle tour or an evening walk. This is how companies and employees stay healthy.

HALFAR® backpacks - ideal for the use of survival packs

Mouth and nose mask from HALFAR®

The current situation is exceptional for all of us and requires exceptional measures from the companies as well. For this reason, we at HALFAR® have decided to temporarily switch our production to the manufacture of mouth and nose masks.

Mund-Nase-Masken von HALFAR®

From week 16 we will start with the production of our masks in Europe. Of course, we guarantee the highest quality here as well. As the masks can be boiled out, they are also suitable for reuse. In our YouTube video you can get a better look on it.




This is why our bags are sustainable – how sustainability continues

“Why exactly are your bags sustainable?”– We hear this question again and again and have realised that there isn’t just one answer. Apart from the materials, which are used to manufacture our bags, many other factors also play an important role. In this article we want to show you why we can call our bags sustainable and why you can look forward to 2020.

A sustainable basis

To ensure that you can hold a sustainably manufactured bag in your hands, we pull out all the stops. As early as in the design phase of our bags, we focus on functionality, efficiency and durability. After all, only when our bags and backpacks are used for a long time and are enjoyed, are they really sustainable in the end. This is the reason for placing so much emphasis on the materials for our products, and so we have the particularly durable and tough synthetic fibres, such as polyester or Nylon, tested for their constituents in accredited institutes like Bureau Veritas. Our “tested materials” labels are given only to products, which fulfil the REACH and LFGB guidelines for component substances.

We also constantly monitor natural fibres, such as cotton and jute. As these fibres are produced through agricultural methods, we offer products, where sustainability starts much earlier in the production chain. The Fairtrade cotton seal stands for fair cultivation and trade of raw cotton, which can be directly retraced along all steps of production and is processed separately from non-Fairtrade cotton. The GOTS label guarantees the strict observance of environmental and technical requirements along the entire production chain. GOTS is currently regarded as the highest standard worldwide for the processing of textiles from organically produced natural fibres. Halfar itself is also GOTS certified.

For the coming year, we have asked ourselves the following questions once again:

  • Which materials can we use in the future?
  • Which materials allow further steps to even greater sustainability?

This time we found new answers. Here, we can reveal something about the materials for the Newcomers 2020.

Recycled and renewable - Sustainable bags from HALFAR®

From bottle to bag

Recycling materials has always been a topic for us. As long as 15 years ago we produced bags from bicycle tyres, and bags made from airbags, coffee sacks and airplane seats followed.

From 2020, we will be offering entire series in the standard range, for example products from recycled PET bottles, utilising waste for something new. PET bottles are suitable for recycling thanks to the possibility of homogenous sorting. Bottles that have already been used are turned into granulates, which can be processed into new fibres. On average, you need about 24 PET bottles for a strong HALFAR® bag.

Process rPET bags

By the way, we only process rPET material with the GRS seal. The seal assures that the materials can be retraced. This is the only way of ascertaining – in the case of the same basic raw material – that the rPET fabric was produced with recycled PET bottles and had not been produced totally new.

Sustainable HALFAR® bags made of rPET

HALFAR® bags made of rPET which has been certified according to the GRS

We let cotton blossom once again

We love cotton – so much, that we want to give this natural material a second life. Therefore, we recycle cotton offcuts and produce the best that we can possibly imagine: “Bags”.

Join us in looking forward right now to an entirely new series of bags in the HALFAR® range 2020, made of pre-recycled cotton.

Pre-recycled cotton largely consists of cotton offcut remnants, which are left over in production. They are collected, sorted according to colour, shredded and newly spun. So that the fibres become durable despite the shredding process, a proportion of new fibres are added. Currently, a fibre mix of up to 70% recycled cotton offcuts is possible, with good load test characteristics.

By using this durable fibre, we ensure that not only the fabric production considers aspects of sustainability, but that the end product is also long lasting and continues to be used. This means:

  1. Less new cotton needs to be cultivated,
  2. Less water is needed and
  3. Fewer valuable raw materials are wasted.

This is further step in matters of sustainable production and sustainably strong bags.

HALFAR® bags made of pre-recycled cotton

Production under fair conditions

Yet it is not only the material that is important for a bag being sustainable in the end, as in all other steps in the value-added chain, ecological and social criteria play an important role too. For this reason, we obligate all our production sites contractually to comply with the ILO core labour standard. This social standard for humane working conditions and sufficient labour protection in production forms the basis for sustainable working conditions worldwide.

Furthermore, our Top Ten factories are audited according to amfori BSCI. Halfar itself has been part of the amfori BSCI network since 2009. We participate actively in order to observe the social standards in the international supply chains relevant to us and to develop them. For this, external quality inspectors and auditors, who inspect working conditions and production according to international standards, as well as Halfar employees, regularly travel to the factories. On site, they monitor, advise and provide support on all matters regarding bag production by contributing their know-how.

Sustainable finishing – sustainable effect

Ultimately, HALFAR® bags are the stage for many big and small brands. Therefore, we work constantly to make not only our bags, but also our finishing processes ever more sustainable. We have already managed to change the print inks for many of our bags from ones containing solvents to water-soluble inks.

Moreover, with HALFAR FAST LANE® we were recently able to offer an innovative finish that is particularly efficient, quick and sustainable. This means, in fact, that the print is especially energy-efficient thanks to the LED technology used. We also produce our electricity here in Bielefeld with our own photovoltaic system or use eco-power. We compensate for the CO2 emissions from transporting our products with our climate projects – allowing us to work in a completely CO2-neutral way. The highly pigmented print inks harden quickly and are free from heavy metals and solvents. The print uses high dynamic range imaging, and are robust and long lasting. Not least, the bags of the FRAME series, where advertising is applied, are free of UPVC and thus can do without the associated softeners – just like all our innovations, which await you in 2020.

Meet the innovations at the PSI – register now!

Have we made you curious? You have an opportunity to meet us and our NEWCOMERS in person at the PSI 2020 in Düsseldorf. Register now for the leading European trade show of the promotional products industry, which takes place from 7th to 9th January. We look forward to meeting you!



HALFAR FAST LANE® – Now Christmas can begin

Your customer needs 100 personalized bags for Christmas by the day after tomorrow? Impossible. Isn’t it? No longer! The new HALFAR FAST LANE® makes it possible. It is yet another exciting HALFAR® decoration to add to our collection of innovations. But what exactly does the new decoration method involve and what makes it so special? We have concluded this in the following article.

And the highlight is – we have a pre-Christmas present for you: The HALFAR FAST LANE® flyer! Download it now and send it to your customers!

Send this PDF with a link to the HALFAR® shop directly to your customers. Or…

Individualize the flyer with your retailer address or insert your logo and send it to your customers.



The idea for innovation

How can we decorate a bag quickly and, most importantly, in high quality? It is a question that we at HALFAR® have been working on for a long time. Now we have the answer: HALFAR FAST LANE®.


HALFAR FAST LANE<sup>®</sup>


The formula one of decoration

What are the advantages of the HALFAR FAST LANE® method compared to other forms of decoration? The answer is simple – there are lots.

Probably the most compelling argument in favour of the new process is the lead time. It is now possible to complete an order in a single day, depending on the quantity and clarity of the order. No-one else is faster! Another benefit is the brilliant print result. If the logo needs to stand out, a spot coating can be applied to give it a high-quality look and make the motif appear three-dimensional. And if that is not already enough advantages for you, here are a few more:

  • already from one piece, ready from one day after the launch of the order
  • good value
  • especially intense colours
  • free from solvents and heavy metals
  • no colour bleeding
  • energy-saving printing process
  • noble with spot varnish finish
  • 4-colour text up to font 6 pt (for vectorised fonts)

Die Formel 1 unter den Veredelungen

Promotional perfection

The bags in the new FRAME collection also do their bit for the promotional effect. They really do create the perfect frame for your message. Their special decorative seams frame the logo and attract even more attention to the promotional space. It is unique!

HALFAR FAST LANE<sup>®</sup>


Have you tried the new HALFAR FAST LANE® method yet? Our customer advisors will be happy to help!


HALFAR® is growing – our new logistics centre

After just ten months, we will complete the construction work on our new satellite warehouse in August. The hall, located only seven kilometres from our headquarters in Oldentrup and with a surface area of 7,100m² will become our new logistics centre. In the future, all shipping processes for pallet goods that used to be carried out at the headquarters, at service providers and in rented warehouses in the surrounding area, will be centralised here. Since it was no longer possible to expand the company headquarters in Bielefeld Oldentrup, the Altenhagen location provided a good alternative. Apart from this, with the optimal location, the new building ensures a permanent supply availability with higher stock levels and a growing product range.


Storage of the future

The new 7100 m² warehouse offers cutting edge technology. Semi-autonomous forklift trucks are used for the 11,300 pallet spaces in the narrow aisle warehouse. They get the necessary information on their destination via high-speed Wi-Fi. What’s more, eight loading ramps for trucks rule out waiting times for the drivers. The drivers’ comfort is also ensured by a lounge area and showers.

Regional Partners

To the largest extent, the warehouse construction in Bielefeld Altenhagen was done by regional craft businesses. Goldbeck built the hall in cooperation with Eda Saygili, the architect and site manager. Apart from this, the company cooperated with Bielefeld municipality and Interkomm OWL to accelerate the planning process. Another advantage of the location is that the forwarding agency is not far away. Cutting this distance reduces CO2 emissions considerably.

Large hall – low energy consumption

The new logistics centre in Bielefeld Altenhagen is dedicated to effectiveness and sustainability. The existing space is optimally used by installing a narrow aisle warehouse. In cooperation with Bielefeld municipality, we operate a 70 kWh photovoltaic system on the roof area for decentralised power supply. The electricity generated is used directly in the building or stored in batteries. This way, our electric car perfectly suited for trips between the company headquarters and the logistics centre. The building insulation is also particularly efficient and 20% higher than required under building law. Additional energy-saving measures include LED luminaires connected to presence detectors and an ecogas heating system.

Rough pasture for nature

To counterbalance the land consumption to the greatest possible extent, we will be planting indigenous bushes and shrubs on the open spaces that exceed the government-required greening surfaces. We will also be supplementing these surfaces with important, insect-friendly small structures such as piles of dead wood and stone. The site will have two areas that are laid out as rough pastures for nature, providing valuable habitats for rare plants and insects. We will report on this as soon as the first inhabitants move in!

The first products will be in stock in September. We’ll keep you posted!

HALFAR® How to: How do you fold the SKY bags correctly?

Our new SKY Series has been available for a few months and has been enjoying great popularity. This doesn’t just happen by chance. The modern design in combination with particularly beautiful colours turns the bags of this range into eye catchers. And their highlights, such as the folding functions, make them into practical helpers in everyday life. As we have received many questions regarding how to fold these bags correctly, we simply shot a video tutorial for you.

Here we go!

Step 1

Spread the bag out in front of you. Roll the inner bag up to the left and put it on the outside. The folded bag will later disappear into this inner bag.

Step 2

Now close the bag and fold the sides into the middle.

Step 3

Then fold the bag towards the inner bag and stow it inside it. Now just close the zipper of the inner bag.

Step 4

Put the folded bag in your suitcase and off you go on holiday!

Now nothing will get in the way of your holiday at the seaside. We hope that we were able to help you with these instructions and wish you lots of fun with our bags from the SKY range!

Further info about luggage

Are you looking for other bags you can use as hand luggage on a flight? Then our comprehensive list will help you. Just download it, compare the permitted airline dimensions with the measurements of the desired bag and order the bag for yourself and your customers directly from the Online Shop.

Download HALFAR®’s on-board luggage list here:

3 times WOW – Why the DIAMOND backpack is so exciting

Surely you already know the DIAMOND, don’t you? After all, the newcomer to the range scooped up a prize right at the beginning of the year: The Promotional Gift Award in the “Communicative Product” category. According to the jury, it is particularly suitable for addressing and conveying company objectives, advertising messages and marketing content. Or to put it more simply: this backpack ensures a threefold WOW!


Why? We have summarised it for you here! And so that you can also pass it onto your customers directly, we have prepared a flyer about the DIAMOND as a PDF. Simply download it!

Send this PDF with a link to the HALFAR® shop directly to your customers. Or…

Individualize the flyer with your retailer address or insert your logo and send it to your customers.

WOW 1: All-over printing

Strictly speaking, the DIAMOND does not just have spaces for advertising – it is a single advertising billboard. After all, it is printed at the front and at the back, totally covering the entire surface. No front pockets or similar are there to distract and motifs come very boldly into their own. Use it for your advertising slogan. As a made to order business, we are happy to undertake this all-over printing for you. But we also offer something very special from stock: the DIAMOND comes with a pre-printed diamond pattern. This gives it a very sculptured and innovative character.

Backpack DIAMOND by HALFAR® - with all-over print

WOW 2: Wearable on both sides

On the front? On the back? It doesn’t matter! You can wear the DIAMOND both ways. It is cut in such a way that the back can also be a front – and vice-versa. This special feature opens up entirely new decoration options, as this backpack communicates on both sides: it can tell stories, it can adjust to the wearer’s mood and desire with a subtle and a high-profile advertising side, it can combine two favourite colours or even join two advertising partners … just doubly good.

WOW - Backpack DIAMOND by HALFAR® - bothsides wearable

Apart from that, it not only looks good, but is also very practical:

  • 12 litre volume
  • fits A4 size items
  • practical, side zipper pocket
  • wide, length adjustable straps
  • soft, foldable, robust, durable
  • PVC-free
  • alternative to plastic bags, sustainably produced

WOW 3: Directly from stock

Ready-made. We have the DIAMOND as an in-stock bag. Elegant: as a stock item you get the DIAMOND with the fascinating, structured diamond pattern, which is reminiscent of a diamond cut. It is available in black, red, light grey or blue.

WOW - Backpack DIAMOND by HALFAR® - prompt delivery

You can order it directly in the online shop – in larger quantities too. In case of any questions, your contact person for promotional bags will be happy to help you!