CHOICE Inspiration Live - Teil 2

CHOICE Inspiration Live – Successful continuation

Today, the 2nd CHOICE Inspiration Live webinar took place. Together with our 4 sister companies Daiber, FARE, mbw and SND PorzellanManufaktur, we again presented you live and in colour inspirations and practical ideas around the various promotional products. The topics were as diverse as the products of the 5 promotional products experts themselves.

CHOICE Inspiration Live - Teil 2

Soomething to suit ecery taste

While mbw presented their products for different industry solutions, Halfar went outside to the insect-friendly roof terrace. There, the two sales colleagues Miriam and Jan presented bags and backpacks that are ideally suited for the upcoming outdoor season and can of course be refined with a logo. Afterwards, FARE broadcast live from a car dealership. From there, the colleagues showed examples of umbrellas that car dealerships and dealers from the automotive sector use to show off their brand.

At Daiber, the focus this time was on the home office and food. And SND presented food bowls for dogs and cats as well as ideas for crafts and DIY stores.

Did you miss the second episode?

On our CHOICE YouTube channel you will soon be able to watch the recording of the broadcast in full length.

We wish you a lot of fun watching and hope to see you again soon!

Premiere CHOICE "Inspiration Live"

CHOICE Inspiration Live – Premiere of the webinar series

Today, the first webinar of the series “Inspiration Live” by the CHOICE sisters Daiber, Fare, Halfar, mbw and SND PorzellanManufaktur took place. Live and in colour, practical and uncut.

According to the motto “from professionals for professionals”, the experts from the sister companies gave the viewers fresh ideas and entertaining tips on current topics in the promotional products industry. And the best thing is that these tips can be used and implemented immediately.

Premiere - CHOICE Inspiration Live

Inspirations for the promotional items industry

The topics were as diverse as the product range of the promotional products experts themselves. SND PorzellanManufaktur, for example, presented the new production division “EINFACH BECHER” with the different cup models. At Daiber, the topic was “Opening up new target groups”, e.g. in the medical sector and in the logistics industry. Suitable garments were presented for this purpose.

Halfar followed and presented its inspiration flyer on the topic of “bags for mobile working”. Sales Manager Jens Brand placed special emphasis on the ModernClassic organiser, which won the Promotional Gift Award 2021. The event continued with the umbrella expert FARE live from the Rathausplatz in Remscheid. Here, the two colleagues presented, among other things, their “DoggyBrella” on the topic of “Cities and Communities”, an umbrella with an integrated bag for the leftovers of the beloved four-legged friend.

Jan Breuer, Managing Director of mbw, took over the closing of the webinar. In short video clips and with material examples, he showed how the Recycle Bear is produced and how it can be personalised, for example, with a T-shirt including individual finishing.

A successful start

We are pleased that the start of this webinar series has been so successful and hope for a lively participation at the next date as well.

Behind the scenes of CHOICE Inspiration Live

Taschen für mobiles Arbeiten von HALFAR®

More mobile and sustainable than ever before – with HALFAR® bags

Whether home office or mobile office – these terms are no longer new to us, because modern working determines our everyday life. It can happen that you have to go to the office for a day and then work from home again. The HALFAR® range offers practical solutions to ensure that the change from one desk to the other goes smoothly and that no important items are forgotten in one place. From sustainable notebook bags made from recycled PET to functional organisers and practical multi-functional backpacks – everyone will find their perfect bag here.

To make it easier for you to choose, we have put together our favourite bags for mobile work this year.


HALFAR® bags for mobile working

Star shaped gift label

DIY Christmas anticipation with HALFAR® (4) – Gift labels

December has progressed quite unnoticed. Now the 4th Advent is already approaching. This means that Christmas is only a few days away. While some people have already finished all the preparations and are now relaxed and looking forward to the festivities, others are still looking for the right gift for their customers, partners or children. They are baking, decorating and, last but not least, wrapping presents. To give the gifts the finishing touch, we embellish them with bows, colourful ribbons, tags or fir branches. Everyone can get creative here.

As a small HALFAR® contribution to the creative finish, we have prepared another template for you.

Personalised gift labels

You still want to label your gifts and leave the name of the recipient or a little message? Then we have an idea for you that you can implement and use in a flash. Similar to our gift wrapping, you only need a few utensils, such as a printer, a sheet of A4 paper, scissors and some adhesive tape. You can choose between a star and a Christmas tree motif. You can decide whether you want to print the tags on white or coloured paper and whether you or your children should paint or decorate them afterwards.

As always, there are no limits to your creativity.

For a better understanding we have also prepared a small picture gallery for you this time:

More Christmas inspiration

Are you still looking for the right packaging for your presents? Then take a look at our previous post. There we show you how to make creative gift wrapping in just a few steps. For even more Christmas spirit, check out our DIY craft tips and our step-by-step instructions for delicious traditional biscuits.

HALFAR® wishes you all a happy 4th Advent and a wonderful Christmas!

HALFAR® DIY Geschenkverpackung

DIY Christmas anticipation with HALFAR® (3) – Gift wrapping

The Advent season is progressing and Christmas is getting closer and closer. Many presents are already bought, made or in the works. But what is the most beautiful gift if it is not in an equally beautiful package under the Christmas tree? It is the unwrapping itself that makes many a heart beat faster. And no expense and effort is spared to ensure that the surprise is a success. Gifts are often wrapped in paper with decorative patterns, but some people reach their limits here and disappear behind rolls of adhesive tape and wrapping paper. It does not always have to be complicated or extra new paper has to be bought. You can also be creative with the packaging.

Personal gift packaging for young and old

All you need is a printer for A4 paper and a bit of tape. However, we leave the decorating to you. Whether it’s a bow or a Christmas pendant – here you can give free rein to your inventiveness. With our instructions and a few simple steps you can quickly create a pretty gift box.

And we have also thought of something very special for the little ones. With our children’s template, they can also really put their hands to the wheel and colour in the stars, for example.

DIY campaign 3 - Painting the gift wrapping colourfully

And now have fun trying it out and wrapping presents!


Christmas inspirations for everyone

And for those who are still not creative enough, this year you can also fall back on the alternative upcycling gift packaging and recreate our packaging from old newspapers. Or you can go straight back to a paperless packaging version. Our PLANET drawstring bag with already applied transfer print is a great alternative. Even already produced from cotton cuttings, it saves paper and can be happily reused after the party.

In case you still want to bake Christmas biscuits spontaneously for the Advent weekend or as a present, you can have a look at our DIY instructions. There you will find the necessary ingredients as well as step-by-step instructions for the delicious biscuits. So it’s guaranteed to work.

And for all those who haven’t really gotten into the Christmas spirit yet, we have prepared interesting DIY tips for the office and at home. Why not take a look at them.

We wish you all a wonderful 3rd Advent!

LIFE Notebook-Rucksack (1816520) - HALFAR®

Our novelties 2021 – Bring joy, bear responsibility

At HALFAR®, joy and responsibility seldom went together as well as they did in 2021. With the new collection, we have again taken a big step towards sustainability. For this purpose, we have developed new bags and services that you will enjoy.

On the one hand, all new products are again 100% PVC-free in 2021. On the other hand, you will find many new products with renewable and recycled materials this year again. We have also developed a very special series that combines many of the HALFAR® possibilities into something never seen before. Are you already curious?

Then read on immediately and learn more about our new additions. Or let yourself be inspired by the “making-of video” of our photo shooting. As in previous years, our employees* did not miss the opportunity to showcase the latest HALFAR® additions.

A very special thanks goes this year to the Bielefeld furniture store BoConcept, which kindly made its premises available to us for the photo shoot. Many thanks for this! It was a great day with you!

And now have fun watching – watch the film!

Made in Europe – now directly from stock

With this series, all the signs are set on SUSTAINABLE! Designed in Bielefeld, sewn in the EU, produced with recycled PET, available directly from stock, transported over short distances with CO2-compensated shipping. You want to know more? We present: the EUROPE series.

These six bags in the series combine straightforward Scandinavian design with a high-quality feel, well thought-out functionality and convincing inner values. The upper material of the EUROPE series is made from recycled plastic bottles (rPET). The straight-line cut harmonises with the fine melange tones. Refined details such as access-safe compartments or a special magnetic closure on the roll-top backpack demonstrate attention to detail and offer potential for new favourite items.

Furthermore, the series is manufactured in Europe and is available directly from our CO2-free warehouse in Bielefeld. Short distances and CO2-compensated transport round off the canon of values. Sustainable, resource-saving and simply beautiful!

Sustainable materials in trend

We also use sustainable materials for other bag innovations. Whether renewable cotton or fabrics with recycled PET, our designers have done a great job and created convincing innovations.

So when you see the shopper SUNNY with its round handles made of soft cotton, the sun rises. The gaudy colours, in combination with the natural shade, shine like a beacon. The heavy cotton together with the PVC-free coating ensures a stable hold. And thanks to its straight cut, it offers plenty of space for striking advertising messages.

The COUNTRY notebook backpack complements the popular series made of robust cotton with velour imitation leather accents. The backpack not only makes you want to go to the country, but also provides well-padded shoulders for notebooks up to 15.6 inches in the city.

Also new are the versatile LIFE and LIKE series, which are also made of renewable cotton.

In the LIFE series we combine raw with coated cotton in two colours or tone-in-tone. And we also combine protection and aesthetics. The result is harmonious duos, noble and naturally beautiful. Elaborate details such as press studs, magnetic dots or D-rings complete the high-quality look and functionality of the bags.

The LIKE series is the uncomplicated, light and affordable cotton series. Cheerful and classic colours, selected metal accessories and wide natural-coloured cotton belts, which provide contrasts in the colourful versions, radiate lightness. These bags offer everything your customers need for leisure, trade fairs or events.

New specialists in the programme

In addition to the versatile series, we also have two new specialists in stock this year.

The notebook backpack SPACE brings everything for digital nomads. For example, a USB port with cable, a trolley holder, the 2nd handle on the side, lots of storage space for notebook, tablet, cables etc. … And on top of that, thanks to HALFAR FAST LANE® the SPACE is turbocharged and individually refined. If you need a larger advertising space, you can use classic finishing methods such as screen printing.

The TREND cool backpack shows how function and design form a promising alliance. From the outside it looks like a normal backpack, but inside it has much more to offer. It is a practical way to transport frozen pizzas and drinks bottles. The lid mesh compartment has room for cool batteries which, thanks to the physical property of cold to “fall down”, ensure that the transported goods stay cool for a long time. In the zipped compartments, cutlery, napkins or shopping trolley chips are always with you. So next summer can come.

STAGE, the allrounder series

The STAGE series can do almost everything: It is ideal for business or leisure, available as a unique piece or in large quantities and can be refined in many ways. This is because the four new bags are all equipped for the HALFAR FAST LANE® process, which was awarded the Promotional Gift Award. Further information about the STAGE series can be found here.

Would you like to learn more about the individual bag novelties? Then have a look at our HALFAR® Shop.

Fertige Dreiaugenkekse

DIY Christmas anticipation with HALFAR® (2) – Baking biscuits

The 2nd Advent is not far away. In our first DIY Advent campaign we showed you how you can make beautiful Christmas decorations for the office or home with just a few utensils and little time. Maybe this even inspired you to create more ideas.

In the second part, we want to increase the Christmas anticipation even more, fitting to the second Advent. Because the Advent season includes homemade biscuits like the candles on the Advent wreath. For this purpose we have chosen an old recipe from 1946, which has been passed down in the family of a colleague for several generations and is always very popular at Christmas time.

With our step-by-step instructions you can easily bake the delicious three-eyed biscuits yourself.

DIY Baking biscuits


Picture gallery for baking our biscuits:

Here you can find the picture gallery of our delicious three-eyed biscuits. Below we have summarised everything in writing for you.


All the utensils and ingredients you need for the biscuits:

Step-by-step instructions:



  • kitchen scales
  • mixing bowl
  • hand mixer with dough hook
  • rolling pin
  • small sieve
  • lemon squeezer
  • round cookie cutter (e.g. a glass)
  • thimble
  • baking tray with baking paper
  • slotted turner


  1. Sift the baking powder into the flour and mix.
  2. In the bowl, press the mixture to the edge and place the eggs, normal sugar, vanillin sugar and lemon juice in the resulting indentation.
  3. Chop the butter and spread it all around the bowl.
  4. Mix everything to a firm dough and form a ball.
    Tip: If the dough has become too warm during preparation, you can put it in the fridge for about half an hour.
  5. Preheat the oven to 200°C top and bottom heat.
  6. Portion the dough and roll out flat on a base.
    Tip: Dust both the base and the rolling pin with flour to make the dough less sticky.
  7. Roll out the dough to a thickness of approx. 3 mm and cut out with a glass.
  8. Use a thimble to make 3 holes in one half of the biscuits. It is important to always have exactly one pair, because the biscuits will be placed on top of each other later.
  9. Put everything on a baking tray with baking paper and bake the biscuits in the preheated oven for about 10 minutes until golden brown. Depending on the oven, the time can vary, so it is better to take a closer look in the oven.
  10. After baking, carefully remove the biscuits from the baking parchment with a spatula.
  11. Let the biscuits cool down, e.g. on a plate.
  12. After the biscuits have cooled down, brush the bottom of the biscuits with e.g. strawberry jam.
  13. Then place the side with the holes on the bottom and press it lightly.
  14. At the end dust everything with icing sugar.

Tip: The biscuits taste best if you leave them lying around for 2 days. Then they are perfectly done.
Tip: If the three-eyed biscuits are too big for you, you can also conjure up “eyes” from them. Simply use a smaller cookie cutter and use your thimble to make just one hole in the middle of the biscuit.


We hope you enjoy baking and feasting. And your colleagues will also be delighted if you sweeten their time in the office during the turbulent Christmas period with home-baked biscuits.

DIY Paper Christmas tree

DIY Christmas anticipation with HALFAR® (1) – Christmas decoration

It’s that time of year again – the days are getting shorter, the evenings more cosy and the anticipation is rising: the Advent season is just around the corner. As every year, especially children, but also many adults are looking forward to the pre-Christmas atmosphere and the many lights. But it is not only at home that fairy lights and Christmas figures create the right mood. You can also create the Christmas ambience in the office with a cup of tea and home-baked biscuits.

To create even more Christmas atmosphere, we have thought about presenting a DIY action before each Advent. This should give you ideas how to use the Advent season for creative moments. Whether at home with the children or with colleagues in the office – everyone needs a little time out from the stress of Christmas. We would like to make our contribution so that the Christmas spirit is not forgotten with all the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle. You can now look forward to our first DIY campaign.

Christmas anticipation with little crafts

To get the Christmas spirit going, most people start decorating their home or office for Christmas as early as the 1st Advent. For this we have found two craft ideas which we were immediately enthusiastic about and which we would like to share with you. All you need are a few minutes time, a little patience and only a few utensils.

We now wish you lots of fun with creative handicrafts and a wonderful 1st Advent!

DIY Paper Christmas tree to put up

You only need two utensils for the paper Christmas tree. In our explanatory video, we show you step by step how you can easily recreate the Christmas tree.

DIY Paper star to hang up

The paper star is popular with many, so you often see it hanging in living room windows. Did you know that you can easily make such a star yourself? How to do this, we show in our photo gallery.

DIY Paper Christmas star

Step-by-step instructions:

Weihnachten wird wundervoll - mit HFL

Christmas Will be wonderful (Part 4) – Last-Minute Presents

Now there are only a few weeks left until Christmas. This also marks the beginning of the annual search for the right gifts for friends and family. And surely your customers are also already busy organising gifts for their employees or customers, for example as a thank you gift. However, we’re certainly not telling you anything new when we say that it can happen that, in addition to the normal bustle of everyday life, despite careful planning, you sometimes forget to get the Christmas presents in time. If the gifts are to be enhanced with an individual motif or your own logo, then things get tight and suddenly time is running out.

But do not panic: With our HALFAR FAST LANE® process you can even create last-minute gifts with a personal touch for Christmas. We will show you in detail how this is possible in our Fast Christmas flyer, which you can download and send to your customers.


Our advertising material dealer couple Klaus and his wife Claudia also receive a call from a customer shortly before Christmas. The challenge: The customer needs bags with the desired motif as a Christmas present at short notice. You can find out here what they do in this situation:

Christmas will be wonderful - with HFL

Fast Christmas – And Christmas is saved

With HALFAR FAST LANE®, we have introduced an innovative and unique finishing process to HALFAR® 2019, which offers many advantages. In 2020 it was awarded the Promotional Gift Award together with the FRAME series. Here you can read the reasons that inspired the jury:

  • The selection
    Meanwhile we have 12 bags of the series FRAME and STAGE in our assortment, which can be refined with the innovative process. From “elegant-business-suitable” to “pop-leisure-suitable” – there is something for everyone.
  • The production time
    Thanks to the HFL® carrier, which is already pre-mounted on the bag, the bags can be finished in no time. Already from 1 day after order clarity. The motif is simply printed onto the corresponding HFL® sticker, colour-intensive and over the entire surface. And this is then applied to the carrier. That’s it!
  • The possibilities
    With HFL® you also have two additional options for highlighting a logo or customer motif. Be it with a spot varnish for a noble look or with a laser treatment even of a high-quality aluminium surface. The special effect is guaranteed.
  • The order quantity
    A further advantage of this finishing technique is the individually determinable order quantity, starting at just 1 piece. In addition, it is also possible to realise individual single motifs such as single names or numbering within a production lot.
  • The sustainability aspect
    Thanks to photo-quality printing with inks that are free of solvents and heavy metals and energy-efficient drying, HALFAR FAST LANE® is a sustainable finishing option. Supplemented by the compensation of the transport emissions of the corresponding HALFAR® bags, HALFAR FAST LANE® will continue to impress beyond the festive season.

All these reasons ultimately convinced Klaus and his customers that they had made the right choice with the selected bags of the FRAME and STAGE series, combined with an individual HALFAR FAST LANE® finish. Now nothing can go wrong and Christmas can come.

Christmas will be wonderful - Final

We hope that we have also been able to give you many suggestions and proposals for solutions which will help you to give your customers the best possible advice during the intensive preparation period for Christmas.

Our sales colleagues will be happy to assist you with advice and action and to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to your call or your e-mails!

To a happy and beautiful Christmas with HALFAR®!

Nachhaltige Geschenkverpackung von HALFAR®

Christmas will be wonderful (Part 3) – Giving joy without paper

Who doesn’t know it: Christmas comes so suddenly every year that you forget to get the last presents because of all the work to be done. Or sometimes there is only the right packaging missing to hand over the gift appropriately.

In order to make sure that you and your customers have everything ready in time for Christmas this year, we at HALFAR® have come up with another supporting Christmas campaign. Instead of gift wrapping paper this year, how about an alternative and sustainable gift wrapping that also brings joy and attracts attention outside the Christmas season?

A good idea? Our advertising material dealers Klaus and Claudia also think so. Read our photo story to find out how they are getting on with their pre-Christmas journey.

Or get now our promotional drawstring bag PLANET including the imprint “SURPRISE”. Simply order the desired quantity in the HALFAR® online shop and give away joy.


Christmas will be wonderful with HALFAR® Part 3 - Giving joy without paper

Do you want to not what convinced Klaus so much? Read on here.

PLANET – The especially sustainable gift packaging for Christmas

The PLANET drawstring bag is not just a practical and pretty train bag. The special thing about it is that it is made of pre-recycled cotton. Its material is therefore made with cuttings from the production of cotton articles. This avoids waste and saves important resources like water, which is needed in large quantities when growing new cotton.

And it can do even more: Thanks to its practical size, many things can be attractively packed and given away in the PLANET – including the surprise effect.

But that’s not all: Far away from being “disposable”, the train bag can play out its full strength as an attractive little rucksack in everyday life thanks to its simple finishing after Christmas. Always ready to take on a spare jumper, sports equipment or a small shopping trip, it is always ready for use as a first or second bag. Goodbye plastic bag(s)!

These are really good reasons that convince Klaus in the long term. He calls his customers right away. Claudia is also enthusiastic about the idea. She is preparing a newsletter for the other customers to also offer them this innovative and ecological alternative to conventional paper packaging.

Christmas will be wonderful with HALFAR® - and Klaus and Claudia

You want to know what happened with Klaus and Claudia so far? Then click here: