Working student at Halfar - Alisa

Interview with our dual student Alisa

What does the everyday life of a dual student at Halfar actually look like? We asked Alisa these and other questions.

Alisa is 29 years old and has been completing a dual study programme at Halfar since January 2020. She can apply and try out knowledge from her degree course “Integrated Media & Communication” in her practical phase at Halfar. That’s why we asked her how she came up with the idea of dual studies and how studying and working can be combined.


Working student at Halfar - Alisa

Alisa, how did you get the idea to work as a student trainee alongside your studies? How did you get the idea to start a dual study programme?

I previously worked as a product designer in the textile sector and worked closely with the marketing department at the time. This sparked my interest in corporate communications. Since I was keen to further my education anyway, my research into opportunities brought my attention to my current degree programme in “Integrated Media & Communication” at Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The eight-semester programme with a focus on business administration/marketing and strategic communication combines the fields of corporate communication for marketing, public relations and human relations. In addition to the main focus on strategy conception and content preparation, the programme also includes training as a “Design Technical Assistant” (m/f/d). I still like the dual concept very much because I can then apply what I have learned from the university phases in practice in the company.

How did you find out about Halfar?

While looking for a suitable partner for the practical phases, an acquaintance suggested Halfar to me. Since bags are also made of textiles, I was immediately enthusiastic and after a nice telephone conversation I applied by speculative application.

What exactly do you do as a student trainee at Halfar?

I’m mainly employed in marketing and get to implement projects in creation, planning and realisation with the support of my colleagues.
But I can also support product management and design in between.

Can you apply the content of your studies at Halfar?

Yes, thanks to the intensive interlinking between the university and company phases, I can apply the theory I have learned in practice. That helps me a lot to better understand what I have learned.

What were your first impressions at Halfar?

I was very nervous when I started in January 2020, but I immediately felt comfortable and welcome. During a tour of the company, I was introduced to all the employees. I found it very pleasant that everyone is actually on a first-name basis. I was also impressed by the variety of bags and backpacks and the topic of sustainability.

What do you like best? What do you not like so much?

What I like best is the variety of my tasks. I get to work independently and responsibly, but I can get constructive feedback at any time if I need it. I think it’s great that I can continue to live out my creativity in the artwork as well as in the conception and planning of new projects.
It’s a shame that I miss out on some of the company’s activities during the 3-month university phases.

Would you recommend Halfar for working students?

Definitely. At Halfar, you are challenged and encouraged. The working atmosphere is great, you are integrated quickly and everyone has an open ear if you need help.


Thank you very much for the interesting interview. We wish Alisa every success in her studies and work at Halfar!


Assemble Survival Packs with HALFAR® Bags

HALFAR® mouth and nose mask

In our blog post for the special campaign “Support for everyday heroes” we have already presented a bag model that is suitable as packaging for hygiene sets. Because when we are on the road more often these days, it is practical to always have the necessary aids, such as masks, gloves and disinfectants with you.

Making these items available already as a set can make a positive contribution. In some places, protective glasses or a “goodie” may also be a motivating part of such a set – the advertising trade certainly has the right set for every target group.

When soon more people are on the road again, on public transport, in shops or during necessary visits, we need aids to protect each other from infection, such as masks, gloves and disinfectants. Making these items available as a set can make a positive contribution. In some places, protective glasses or a “goodie” may also be a motivating part of such a set – the advertising trade certainly has a good solution proposal for every target group.

In the following we have therefore put together some additional model ideas from the HALFAR® range that are suitable for employee, starter or customer sets. Because HALFAR® bags stand for functional mobility and offer solutions for all purposes, so that the right equipment can always be included. We would be happy to advise you personally on our models, protective masks or the ideal advertising application.

As a support we have compiled PDFs for you to use for communication with your customers.


If you need more arguments, or would like to know which products are particularly suitable for which application, read on here.

Hands free and mobile in use – practical for nursing staff

By car from patient to patient. Good, if nothing can be forgotten and you can still keep your hands free. Because protective masks, disposable gloves and disinfectants protect the old and sick who need daily care and support. Belt pouches or monostraps can be a good solution for such purposes. They offer the necessary storage space, can be worn all day and are always with you without restricting the necessary freedom of movement.

HALFAR® offers a variety of belt bags: from waterproof to fashionable, from affordable to professional. In our range you will find the right model for every application, every budget and every brand message. In addition, good news, the name of the carer or the carer’s name can be placed prominently on the model with an individual print or embroidery.

If it may be a little larger because mobile devices are needed to record data, the so-called monostrap backpacks are a good choice. This pocket shape also guarantees freedom of movement and the comfort of having everything at hand.

Safely on the move: sets for travellers and people who want to be safe on the move

Shopping with a mouth and nose mask

But not only people in care are on the move, either professionally or privately. Even in public transport, on the train or elsewhere, such as in the supermarket, the distance rules cannot necessarily be observed. All the better if the necessary protective equipment is always at hand.

In addition to the belt pouches and monostraps already mentioned above, (small) zipper pouches, which keep everything handy together, can be an ideal solution for this target group. Depending on the intended use, different models are available. For example the SOLUTION, which takes on the necessary utensils for a longer journey, as well as the zipper bag COLLECT, which ensures that everything is ready to hand in the backpack or shoulder bag. But also the stylish RETRO, the well-organised TRAVEL with two zipped compartments and the SWITCH, which looks like a small suitcase, offer the best organisational talent at an attractive price.

Small and practical bags from HALFAR® - ideal for the use of survival packs

Small bags that are suitable for different purposes.

Starter sets for teachers: How besides chalk also hygiene products can be on site

Speaking of talent: The first returnees are also expected in the schools. It is therefore all the more important that the necessary hygiene utensils are also included here.

Whether with the case ORGANIC, which can stand on the table during the lesson, and then closed with the drawstring and held at the handle to go to the next class. Or with the zipper bag ORGANIC, which is available in 3 different sizes. The HALFAR® assortment offers some possibilities. In addition to these cotton models produced according to GOTS, the drawstring bag PLANET, made of cotton production cuttings, and the PVC-free case ELEGANCE, by their very nature, encourage us not to lose sight of the important issue of sustainability in these times. The students will be grateful.

Welcome back to Office: Welcome the employees back to the office

Support for employees who come back from homeoffice

Last but not least, we should not forget the many employees who will be returning to work in the coming months from their home offices or from short-time working. Welcoming them warmly and providing opportunities for the protection of employees is a sign of appreciation and can make an important contribution to their health both within the company and beyond. After all, the materials provided can also be used during leisure time. For example during a bicycle tour or an evening walk. This is how companies and employees stay healthy.

HALFAR® backpacks - ideal for the use of survival packs

Support for everyday heroes from HALFAR®

Support for everyday heroes

Support for everyday heroes from HALFAR®

All products are delivered WITHOUT CONTENTS.

Life returns to the public and requires new and above all unfamiliar ways of acting. When more people are on the move again, we need tools to protect each other from infection, such as disinfectants, masks, gloves…

Employee, starter or customer sets can have a positive contribution. In a HALFAR® bag you have everything you need packed ready to hand and personalised with your customer logo.

With our exclusive special campaign we now offer 2 articles at a special price. For your support you can download our campaign PDFs here. These are available once in the HALFAR® version and once as a neutral version.

Natural Easter egg painting

Dyeing Easter eggs? Naturally!

Easter is just around the corner. Even if this year everything is a little different than usual, many are already looking forward to the traditional egg dyeing. Here, children and parents come together and can give free rein to their creativity in dyeing and decorating. But why always buy the finished Easter egg dye from the supermarket, if there is another way?

We have a creative solution for the holidays: Natural egg dyeing with food and plants. This is exactly what we have always wanted to try. And since unusual times can also be an occasion to get to know “new things”, we want to introduce you to the most popular sustainable alternatives and encourage you to experiment.

Natural Easter egg dyeing - HALFAR®

The colours of nature

On the right we have prepared an overview of the most common “natural colorants”. Below we explain what you have to consider in order to achieve the desired colour shades. Before cooking it is recommended to clean the eggs with vinegar water. This will help them to take on the desired colour better afterwards.

The following descriptions refer to the hot dyeing method. Following the described procedures, the colour solution can be filtered before the eggs are hard boiled in it.

All colour variations can be achieved not only in a hot brew, but also in a cooled one that has drawn enough before. So even the little ones do not burn their fingers. For this purpose, the eggs are precooked as usual before dyeing them, and then left in the dye until the desired colour is achieved.

Golden yellow with turmeric

Anyone who has ever used (fresh) turmeric knows how difficult it is to remove the coloured stains everywhere afterwards. This is exactly the reason why it is ideal for dyeing Easter eggs golden yellow. To do this, cut fresh, peeled turmeric into pieces and boil it for about 1-2 hours in plenty of hot water. If you can’t find fresh turmeric, you can also try the powder, which also colours well.

Red to brown with onion skins and coffee

Probably the best known dyeing technique is the use of onion skins. These were used long before the use of artificially produced egg dye. To do this, let about 2 handfuls of onion skins soak in 1-2 litres of boiling water for a few minutes. Coffee can also be used for brown tones. Take about 50 g of ground coffee and boil it for max. 30 minutes.

Intense red with beetroot

Beetroot has a similar colouring effect on all kinds of rootstocks as turmeric. Barely touched, the red colour does not get off your fingers as quickly. Ideal for dyeing eggs! Here too, the red root is precooked in just under 1 litre of water for about 15 minutes.

Green tones with parsley, spinach and nettle

Theoretically, all green, non-toxic plants can produce a wide variety of shades of green. However, not every plant achieves the same colour intensity. Parsley, spinach and stinging nettle are particularly popular for egg dyeing. To do this, cook a bunch of the desired plant in 1 litre of hot water for about 30 minutes.

Blue tones with red cabbage and blueberries

Since there are many different shades of blue, there are also several ways to achieve a blue tone. Popular ingredients are red cabbage and blueberries, e.g. from the freezer. Take about 1 cup of each and boil them in 1-2 litres of water for up to an hour, depending on the desired shade.

Of course you can also experiment with other foods and (non-toxic!) plants yourself and possibly get new shades. There are no limits to your creativity!

Decorate naturally beautiful? No problem!

You don’t have any stickers or glitter pens in the house to put the finishing touches to your Easter eggs? No problem – there are also numerous sustainable ideas.

How about discreet leaf motifs, for example? You can get these if, for example, parsley is placed on the eggs. Then the eggs can be safely positioned in a nylon stocking or a thin net and boiled or dyed as described above.

Decoration for natural Easter eggs

Another possibility is the rice method. For this you can put the egg for example in an old washed-out yoghurt cup, add a few grains of rice and a little of the colour you made yourself. Close the lid, shake well – and you have a nice speckled pattern.

In addition to these two suggestions, there are many more ideas on how to decorate your Easter eggs.

And now have fun trying it out!

Now we wish you a lot of fun while experimenting. If you like, you can send us a picture of your artwork to We are looking forward to your ideas and wish you a wonderful Easter already now!

P.S.: If you are still looking for a card for your Easter greetings, we have also prepared something in DIY style. Have a look now and send greetings!

Easter Greetings from HALFAR®

Homemade Easter greetings from HALFAR®

The time has come again: Easter is just around the corner. Usually the family comes to visit and the little ones are looking for Easter eggs, but this year is different. The current situation around the Covid-19 makes sure that many families will not see each other. In order to give their loved ones a present anyway, creativity is now required. Therefore, we at HALFAR® have designed an Easter present for you.

What do you actually give?

In addition to colourfully painted eggs and the popular chocolate bunnies, there are other gifts that always go down well. These absolute classics among the gifts include personal, handwritten greeting cards. And not for nothing. Whether as a gift or as a separate card, everyone is happy about personal greetings or congratulations.

Therefore, we have designed greeting cards for you, which you can easily download and print. Two of the cards can also be colored according to your own taste. Simply add your wishes, send them to your loved ones and give them joy.

Homemade Easter greetings from HALFAR®

Homemade Easter greetings from HALFAR®

Homemade Easter greetings from HALFAR®

Click on the button below to download the all three cards and print them in the right size!

We wish you happy Easter holidays!

If you like, you can send us pictures of your artwork via We are happy to receive your mail! Because of course we are still here for you, so you can be there for your customers.

By the way: In our section “HAL_FAR” we keep you up to date. Here you can also find, for example, the “Greetings from colleagues in the Home Office“. And, of course, we are also happy about greetings from you.


HAL_FAR from Home – We are here for you!

So close and yet so far – this is the motto at HALFAR® these days. For as we have already reported in our blog post on the initiative Bielefeld #BleibtZuHause (= Bielefeld#StaysAtHome), we do our best to protect the health of our employees. At the same time, we want to continue to be there for you, so that you too can advise and support your customers in these extraordinary times.

For this reason we have thought of something to keep in touch with you…

HAL_FAR from Home – Together we can do this!

Similar to our already well-known category “HALFAR® around the World“, in which we collect pictures with HALFAR® bags that have travelled the world, we want to show you in this section how our colleagues are currently working. Whether in an individual office or from home – we are still there for you via our laptops, (mobile) phones and co. and thus connected to each other.

The first colleagues gave us a little insight into their current “working environment” for this. Whether from the sofa, in the hammock or in the creative study – everyone has found his or her place to continue working in the best possible way.

If you also would like to share your current working environment with us, just send us a picture of it to We will gladly add it to our gallery so that we can stay connected.

HAL_FAR from Home_Home office 2020

HAL_FAR from Home: Home office in times of Covid-19

#HALFARkeepsdistance #StayHome #strongtogether


HALFARkeepsdistance 2020

Halfar supports the initiative “Bielefeld stays at home“

The current situation with the Covid-19 virus has been concerning us all for some weeks and is becoming ever more critical. Whether a private individual, company, self employed or freelancer – we are all affected by the current situation.

At HALFAR® we are not just working people and residents of the city of Bielefeld, we are – with our special bags – very close to the rescue and emergency services and their plight. Our company is based on the idea of making things better and supporting people in their work with good solutions.

Bielefeld #BleibtzuHause

Therefore, we want to support the initiative Bielefeld #BleibtZuHause (Bielefeld#staysathome) with our reach and – together with many other engaged citizens – to point out that EVERYONE’s participation is vital.


Only by avoiding all non-essential social contacts can we allow the health care system the time it needs for preparation, supplies and research – and not only in our own city. Our hospitals and everyone else in the medical field need this time to help, to care, to plan, to prepare for worse to come, to research and to find answers to questions which we never had to confront before. WE can create this time ONLY by acting together.

We therefore ask you to use your creativity in new ways, work at home if possible, write letters again, make telephone calls, read books, paint or make music. In each instance: Keep a minimum distance of about 2 m to people who do not live with you in the same household. This is required of every single individual!

What can businesses do?

  • Constantly inform themselves about the current situation via reliable sources
  • Inform employees of all measures
  • Ensure that hygiene regulations are observed
  • Make an effort to allow employees to work from the Home Office or to separate themselves physically
  • Utilise modern technology and software to stay in contact with employees and communicate

What can each individual do now?

  • Observe hygiene regulations
  • Reduce social contacts to a minimum
  • Wherever we come into contact: keep a distance!
  • Think positive and make the best of the situation

keep distance

We can only prevent the virus from spreading too quickly and get back normality again faster if we all observe these regulations together. Therefore, we thank all our co-workers, customers and partners, the people in our city, and all those who conduct themselves in an exemplary manner, for their engagement.


#keepdistance #stayhome


Interview with a warehouse employee

Interview with a warehouse employee

In our interview series, we have already presented you our trainees. Now we want to start a new series, in which we will be presenting some and tell you what they are doing. Our first interview partner is Henryk. He is working in logistics and now tells us about his work at Halfar.

Interview with a warehouse employee

When did you start at Halfar?

I have been working at Halfar for four and a half years. During the first two and a half years, I did an apprenticeship in the logistics.

Why have you decided for logistics?

After my vocational baccalaureate, I took a detour to the logistics department. During several part-time jobs I have found that organizational planning and practical work fits perfect for me. In logistics you need exactly these skills, so my decision was clear.

How did you get to know Halfar as an employer?

The first time I heard of Halfar was in the Federal employment agency. I took a look at the homepage and was convinced, so I applied.

What was your first impressions of Halfar?

My first impressions was very well. Since all colleagues were very friendly and helpful, I felt like a member of the team right away.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Working together with my colleagues.

What things do you find annoying sometimes?

Sometimes, there are tasks which are not that interesting but need to be done too. However, there are always new challenges. Last year we cancelled our external warehouses and have put our own new logistics center into operation. We have managed to do this without any difficulties, that makes us really proud.

What did you do before your time at Halfar?

Before I have started at Halfar, I finished secondary school and my vocational baccalaureate. After that I did various part-time jobs in the logistics.

Which tasks do you have at work?

My main task is the dispatching of our products to our customers. Besides this, I am commissioning our goods in the storage or am helping in our goods receiving department. Due to the various tasks in my daily working day, it is never getting boring and I am still learning new things after years in this job.

What is the atmosphere like in your apartment?

In the logistics department, we are more friends than colleagues. During stressful days we have to rely on each other. In these moments we know we are a good team.

How long are you planning to work at Halfar?

I would like to stay at Halfar for a long time.

Are there things you would change/ that you don’t like at Halfar?

In my opinion, the packaging of our products is still a big problem. We are using too much plastic for packaging. This could be improved in future because our goal is to become even more eco-friendly. A great thing is that we can give own proposals for improvement.

What are you doing after work?

After work I relax or meet my friends.

How many hours are you working?

Usually I work for eight and a quarter hours a day, but if we have more tasks to fulfill, I do more hours.

What is motivating you?

We are motivating each other. It’s like you are doing sports. Our aim is to work precise and to be a part of the company’s success.

Describe Halfar in one sentence.

The feeling of togetherness is great and we are more than colleagues.

Why is Halfar a good employer?

We have great working conditions and very high-quality devices.

Are you satisfied with your job?

Yes, I am motivated to go to work every day. I really enjoy my job.

Would you prefer do work in another job?

After I have finished my apprenticeship at Halfar, I decided to work in logistics and this decision was the right one for me. It is fun every day again and fits to my strengths and me. Logistics is challenging and interesting.

Are you happy to work at Halfar?

Yes, I am definitely happy to work here.


We thank you very much for the interview, Henryk!

Soon you can expect another interesting interview with one of our colleagues from Halfar.

Be curious!

HALFAR® Annual Report 2019 – We look back!

Dear customers, dear colleagues,

The year 2019 is slowly coming to an end. Therefore, we want to thank our colleagues and customers, as well as all partner companies for your trust and engagement!

It was an exciting and, above all, an eventful year. Together, we achieved so much!

To summarise, we want to reflect upon our achievements with you. Starting from our range of bags to the certifications and awards; and then onto the issue of sustainability, which has characterised 2019, and the outstanding things that occurred here at our site in Bielefeld during this year: From the insect-friendly roof garden to the new logistics centre.

Products & awards

In this year, exciting new products found their way once again to our selection range. And so 40 innovative products came on board. There was everything from backpack to shopper. We are especially proud of our DIAMOND backpack, with which we were able to impress the jury of the Promotional Gift Awards event. Many thanks for the award!


Also worth mentioning is the new FRAME series and the new Finishing Technology HALFAR FAST LANE® associated with it, which can offer answers to many questions. Overall, our customers could choose from a total of 213 products and 14 finishing technologies in 2019.

Moreover, we were delighted to receive three prizes at the PSI Sustainability Awards. In the “Social Excellence” category, we were able to impress as a particularly staff-friendly and cooperative company and were able to bring the first prize home. We achieved second and third place respectively in the categories “Social Initiative” and “Economic Excellence”. For that, once again many thanks!

The HALFAR® Online shop

In May this year, our new HALFAR® homepage went live, including a modern and intuitive shop. A clear design and an optimised user interface quickly resulted in remarkable acceptance. The combination of interesting facts and a round-the-clock option to obtain samples and goods from stock is increasingly being taken up and enriches our collaboration.

The new HALFAR® shop - optimised for all types of devices

Employees, trainees & young talent

The HALFAR® team experienced strong growth once more in 2019. The team now consists of over 130 colleagues, who strive on a daily basis to make the HALFAR® brand a guarantor of trustworthy products and sustainable management. Thanks to everyone for the team feeling.

In 2019 we can also look back on the 9 young people who started their training in our company. Apart from the six vocational training placements offered previously offered, we also filled an apprenticeship for an e-commerce administrator for the first time. We were also able to congratulate four trainees on their success in passing their vocational exam. The HALFAR® team continues to support three of them. We are so happy that you are with us!

Sustainability in 2019

No subject occupied us this year as much as the search for additional opportunities to work even more sustainably and to make our products even more sustainable.

As planned, we fully compensated our unavoidable transport emissions this year. Together with Insect Respect, we expanded our green space on our company roof by a further 450 m² and designed the roof with green plants, piles of deadwood and other nesting places, thus creating additional, essential habitats for insects.

A further measure for cutting CO2 emissions was the purchase of our first electric company vehicle. It is a good alternative, especially for short trips.

We also support the use of the Job Bike, local public transport as well as the creation of car sharing initiatives. Colleagues “biked” over 5,000 km at this year’s City Bike Event. This employee initiative cut 732 kg of CO2. All these measures can be looked up in the current sustainability report, which was extended in 2019, incorporating the SDGs; the UN’s “Sustainable Development Goals”.


As well as the existing DIN ISO 14001:2015 and DIN ISO 9001:2015 certifications, we were also able to attain GOTS re-certification this year. This means that all products, which carry this seal, continue to fulfil the highest ecological and social requirements along the whole of the production chain.

Modern working space and a new external warehouse

We also experienced strong growth in terms of space this year. The new logistics centre in Bielefeld Altenhagen went into operation in August after only 10 months of construction. It is merely a few kilometres from our headquarters and serves to centralise our shipping processes. Our bags are stored here in a 7,100 m² space. Moreover, a photovoltaic system is installed on the roof, which produces the electricity for our electrically operated forklift trucks, amongst other.

Our fourth construction phase was also occupied, now functioning as a modern office space and work area under the motto “NEW WORK”. At the same time, fruit baskets and water dispensers were introduced to provide healthy sustenance for all employees.

Other 2019 highlights

We supported the Glückstour (Good Luck Tour) for the seventh time this year with our bags, when chimney sweeps cycle through Germany on their bikes, collecting money donations for children with cancer. We made donations, too. School children in Tanzania could enjoy their new bags and backpacks.

After the first Bagground day last year with so much positive feedback, the second one was held this year. On this day, future trainees as well as their families and friends had the opportunity to become even more familiar with our company before the start of their training. Armin Halfar personally took them on a tour through the company.

Thank you for 2019!

At this point we want to thank EVERYONE most sincerely – once again – who made 2019 into what it was. We are already looking forward to a strong year 2020 and wish you all a very Happy Christmas!

Best regards from Bielefeld,

Kathrin Stühmeyer-Halfar & Armin Halfar